Why we need to start rising above the fog of this planet’s farcical, partisan-controlled ‘democracies’.


Why should the story of a singular, dissenting, Canadian citizen have any interest for the citizens of our world?

Why should the disappearance, guided by small-town partisans, of scientific and court-related documents of that citizen become a worrisome signal to those same worldly citizens that our collective silence has allowed a return of this planet to the dangerous conditions which led to the Second World War?

Why should the citizens of this planet awaken from that silence to stand beside one Canadian citizen against the recurring threat of eviction of this writer, in a small, Canadian town in the year 2018?

Why is that recurring threat of eviction, of this persistent, long-winded dissident, defined as a criminal intent of partisans under Canadian and international law after 1948? Why must a Canadian dissident insist, into 2018, that the principles of freed speech and the rights of every human being, to equality in the quality of life, be upheld and protected as Canadian and international laws command? Why must such dissidence face the same threats of eviction and starving-out that dissenters in Europe faced by 1936? Inside ‘democratic Canada’ in 2018?

What is illegal about the fact that scientific and legal documents, related to this dissident’s life-long battle against Canadian partisans of all kinds, were ‘disappeared’ by partisans in Nipigon, Ontario, Canada. Canada? 2016. Not Anne Frank’s 1944 Holland.

What is illegal about the fact that partisans in Wolseley, Saskatchewan, Canada, not war-torn Europe of 1940, moved in 2017 to use partisan-filled Canadian courts to try to force this dissenting citizen from his place of writing because he refused to pay taxes which went to pay partisan ‘judges’ inside Canadian courts? Partisan judges. Who declared that the partisan law of the day was something that could overrule international law? In ‘democratic Canada’ in 2017?

The simple answer to these long questions may lay in the large example of what happens when arrogance and inflated self-importance are allowed to define ‘leadership’ in any nation calling itself ‘democratic’ on this planet. The short answer may be the hypocrisy in our fear that Donald Trump may lead our planet back into nuclear holocaust because the patriotic American is deemed more righteous than the patriotic North Korean or Russian. The long answer may, sadly, fall into the lap of generations yet to come.

Because we choose silence over the legal rights of the individual, dissenting citizen.

By 1939, Hitler’s Germany was full of partisan ‘judges’ who declared that the partisan could make new laws which would make international law irrelevant.

Around this planet, partisans in small towns and big cities insist that partisan ‘judges’ inside our courts give them the right to strip away the rights of the poor and the oppressed and, more ominously, of the dissenting citizen who dares to challenge against any and all of this violation of international law.

We have become a planet of incompetent citizens who blind ourselves to the science of global warming that will force generations-to-come to deal with our collective incompetence to understand that it is CORRUPTED institutions of LAW which allow the truth to be oppressed. We allow a racist Donald Trump (build walls for Mexicans instead of recruiting nations to force Mexico to provide safe haven for all of its citizens) and a religiously intolerant Donald Trump (exclude Muslim immigrants but allow ‘christians’ inside America to continue to define ‘coloureds’ as ‘lesser’ because that is what their ‘god’ has told them is the ‘white right’!) to escape impeachment because too many Democrats and Republicans, and Conservatives and Liberals and ‘socialists’, and every other partisan, subservient label we are told to bow to in nations outside ‘America’, are ensconced into national and international courts.

OUR courts! Courts which should disallow such illegal behaviours in elected places in the first place.

The debate, about what dangers we put our planet and all of humanity into, fails because we allow ourselves to be stifled by fear, lies and complete incompetence to the promises of international law. 1948. Laws. Which came about because of the deplorable circumstances of collective silence which led to 1945.

1945. Circumstances. Fomented primarily because too many stayed silent while the too few, who warned of the imminent dangers of Hitler and his partisan-filled courts, were silenced. By partisans inside institutions of ‘law and justice’’. Partisans, who legalized the silencing of dissent of any kind.

IF you are a citizen of any conscience, of any credible commitment to true democracy, read the long story here. Wend your way through these long, sometimes purposely winding paragraphs and pages, with curves purposely thrown in. Literary curves intended to challenge you to understand why ‘patriotism’ IS defined as racism under 1948 international law and that the most dangerous thing on this planet is partisan-filled courts.

Our collective silence allows the return of partisans to the protection of their personal greed. Into 2018, the individual comforts of the privileged prevail over our legal duty to each other. This leads to a recurring failure to ensure that ALL citizens have a joy of life in a world of peace. We, collectively, neglect our individual responsibilities to ALL mankind, a LEGAL duty that is above our recurrent, sickening, human condition of individual greed.

Come to understand that a nation called Canada had an important legal obligation to the rest of the world by 1948. It was legally obliged to set an example after 1948. After all, it was a Canadian lawyer, under the guidance of American Eleanor Roosevelt and her misfit committee of ‘muslims, christians, atheists and other religions’, who led the drafting of the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

Canada has, instead, fallen into the Americanized philosophy of Hitler: that flag-waving patriotism can be used to suppress the real freedoms which the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights compelled for citizens in all nations on this planet.

Come to recognize that the most important impending event in Canada in 2019 should NOT be another farcical federal ‘vote’, to register ‘a majority will’ while majority silence to injustice prevails. It should be a PEACEFUL Revolution By Pen which strips away the criminality of partisan organizations which have stripped away the protection of independent thought and deliberation inside our institutions of governance.

We are a planet which is back into the dangerous denial of base human rights, in all places.
Change starts outside our own doors. First, change criminalized Canada, in the neighbourhoods where I reside and resided and which you now reside.

Read and then, I hope, sponsor this pending movement for credible, PEACEFUL AND LEGAL change by sponsoring my salute to the citizens who stay silent outside my doors in Wolseley, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Canada. In 2018. Not some ‘backward nation!’ of 1936 pre-war Europe.

When I have finally won justice in my nation. When Canada’s First Nations finally win justice for the harsh violation of principles of equality, first espoused in the treaties with them. Then, one citizen by one citizen, one nation by one nation, we change the world.

To what became our collective legal right in 1948.

Silence to injustice was not defined as a right of any kind after 1948. It is abhorrent behaviour in the measure of any human’s history.

What will history make record of for YOU for the generations yet to come?

That is the most important question for YOU to answer when you finish reading and contemplating these web pages.


In 2019, Canada is scheduled for another ‘federal election’.

This web page documents how, since 1948, partisans inside this nation violated international law. The ‘major parties’ have formed illegal allegiances and made ‘our vote’ irrelevant under those laws.

This site will guide the citizens of, first, Canada and then, hopefully, the world, to how Canada’s ‘constitution’ of 1982 IS in violation of international law and HOW this enabled partisans to design electoral systems which ILLEGALLY shut out the INDEPENDENT voice. The reader should take the time to come to an understanding of how entrenched partisans, yes, of narrowed religious allegiances, also, placed into our courts, even the international ones, have ILLEGALLY protected repetitive violations of international law. And, in so doing, have stripped away accountability under Canada’s own constitutional and criminal code laws.

It is time for all of us to take ‘the masks off’. This repetitive, international waving of placards of protest is a waste of time and energy. NOW is the time to start REAL LEGAL ACTION to STOP this incipient rot of our supposedly ‘democratic’ nations.

The real example, of what all of this partisan manipulation does to human rights and all of our inherent rights, exists in the example of my, Don MacAlpine’s, experiences as a scientist and once-elected official. What I am experiencing now as a legally dissenting citizen is unthinkable, given the emphasis in our halls of ‘democracy’ to the example of what happened to 1945.

What happens to anyone who dares to stand against this CRIMINALIZING of OUR institutions of justice AND democracy is, sadly, exemplified via my personal case. It is also, inherently, and blatantly, amplified in the continuing obstruction of justice for Canada’s First Nations, ‘indigenous people’, as Justin Trudeau would have us label them, inside courts which protect religious rites over international law.

This site will also cite examples which demonstrate that this rot is incipient on an international stage. Hopefully, this site will awaken an international audience to how this rot led to the dangerous return of our planet to the conditions of Adolf Hitler 1929, with people like Donald Trump 2016.

THEREFORE, the PRIMARY GOAL of this web page is to allow the public to educate themselves and to build a movement which will:

1. Publicly register, via formal and brave registration of names of valid citizens (petitions), the LEGAL concerns about the violation of our legal rights when it comes to a valid voting system;
2. Publicly register, via formal and brave registration of names of valid citizens (petitions), the LEGAL intent to launch CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS against partisans who have ignored warnings from Don MacAlpine, and others, to stop the violation of international, and even constitutional and criminal code laws inside Canada’s courts, voting processes and institutions of governance;
3. Organize and collect monetary support to enable the formation of an organization which will:

a. Warn, in formal written form, entrenched partisans to voluntarily admit to their own violations of international law AND the violation of rights in Canada’s 1982 constitution, voting process and courts because of Canada’s sad history of partisan conduct since 1948;
b. Provide warning that persons, aligned via these web pages under a Take Back Democracy, Canada and International movement, will NOT accept any election inside Canada, after 1948, as valid under international law and that the pending federal election MUST BE delayed UNTIL an electoral system, meeting a valid NEW Canadian constitution and the rules of international law, is in place;
c. Set down deadlines for revision of Canada’s constitution so that it meets the standards of equality set down in international law and becomes inclusive instead of the exclusive farce existing in 2018. This will then also require a deadline for providing the people a valid voting system;
d. Prepare for the eventuality that, if entrenched partisans, inside our courts and halls of governance AND policing, do NOT VOLUNTARILY agree to the formal actions against partisan groups, which have violated international law and, ILLEGALLY, denied INDEPENDENT thinking and voice, that the citizens, aligned under this Take Back Democracy, Canada and International organization, will start formal legal proceedings inside Canada’s courts, before an impartial jury of our peers, to force civil and criminal code accountability on these partisans who have returned us, ILLEGALLY, to 1929.

This is a summary of the process to be followed. Please take the time to read this site to understand its real goal. It is not ‘just to sponsor a protest sculpture’. It is to protest AND CHANGE the international world of injustice being forced on us for the sake of greed and personal arrogance of the entrenched and the unaccountable.

IF you believe that you and I deserve a real world of justice for all, participate, supporting as you can via the petitions being constructed here AND/OR through monetary support, if you are able.

Thank you for taking the time,

Don MacAlpine, September 11, 2018

A Generation of Tweeting Twits

Will this be the label for this era if human history does indeed survive? Hitler gained and retained power through the use of posters of propaganda while the citizens could not find the time to educate themselves to what was really happening. Donald Trump? Justin Trudeau? Those new ‘right wing leaders’? … All International ‘leaders’ in our modern world? Gaining power because Tweeting Twits are the new formula for gaining power through ‘the social media’? ‘Citizens’ who see the short flashes of convenient reading on their new phone as indicative of ‘the issues’ important to them and as ‘responsible democracy’?

Will you read the long pages to educate yourself to why we are in a critical stage of justice for all humanity and why lazy, tweeting twits endanger the survival of humanity itself? We will not achieve real democracy if we do not change this behaviour. Read. Heed. And then DO SOMETHING.

Generating Real Democracy: How our ‘democracies’, ‘the vote’ and our institutions of ‘justice’ have been made irrelevant by partisan entrenchment. What we need to do about it.