Bio of Don MacAlpine

Don MacAlpine was trained as a professional forest scientist by 1976.

He was fired from his job with the Ontario government in Canada in March 1982 by the ruling Conservatives of the day. He refused to lie about the declining state of forests he was assigned to manage on ‘behalf of the Queen’ in Nipigon, Ontario, Canada. Conservatives in power demanded that the truth about available timber in the Nipigon area be suppressed for the sake of a Conservative donor from the corporate forestry sector.

After winning his job back, he served under three different Canadian partisan factions for 15 years. As the predicted decline of Canada’s forests accelerated under these partisan organizations, he attended sessions discussing global warming, the causes and its impacts on forests. The predictions made, starting in 1989 during those scientific sessions, are coming to fruition now.

Concerned about the manipulations of the truth by partisans, Mr. MacAlpine first tried to enter Canadian federal politics in June 1997 as an independent mind. Asked by locals to run in the Nipigon, Ontario municipal elections of October 1997, he garnered the most votes and sat on that town’s council from 1997 to 2000. That awakened him to how electoral processes have become designed, through partisan manipulations, to deliberately exclude the independent voice, internationally.

In 2002, he encountered shenanigans from partisans in the Ontario government. That lost him a $30+ million stone contract with an American, Steve Norton, in Chicago, Illinois. He became his own lawyer in 2003 and began to sue the partisan organization which had violated Canadian constitutional law. He faced lawyers and judges whose names he found on partisan donation records. These partisan judges ruled that Mr. MacAlpine could NOT sue the partisans.

One, the Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Appeal, a former Conservative cabinet member, Roy McMurtry, appeared in a November 2004 hearing. There the names of McMurtry’s former Conservative faction AND a cabinet cohort of 1982, once-Premier of Ontario, Mike Harris, were on the court documents.

Mr. McMurtry was the Conservative faction’s choice as ‘Attorney General’ of Ontario in 1982. In 1982, he had undertaken manipulative legal action enabled by the placement of a Conservative on the Labour Board tribunal. This tribunal of ‘three lawyers assigned as judges’ had heard Mr. MacAlpine’s dismissal case by October 1982. McMurtry and the Conservative faction of 1982 used the dissenting opinion of the Conservative friend on that Labour Board to force Mr. MacAlpine to stay out of his working place for another year.

Higher courts ordered Mr. MacAlpine’s government job to be returned to him by November 1983. The other two members of the partisan-tainted tribunal (one of each of these remaining two had ties to the New Democratic Party (socialists) and the Liberal factions: there were no ‘independent judges’ as international law compels) had recommended this happen in November 1982. However, the ‘dissenting opinion’ of the Conservative ‘judge’ had allowed the Conservative McMurtry to appeal MacAlpine’s win, due to the new rules made by lawyers.

By September 2004, Mr. MacAlpine had suffered a night in jail and a criminal trial for daring to challenge then Liberal Prime Minister, and a lawyer by profession, Paul Martin. MacAlpine had been arrested for angry letters. He had warned Mr. Martin and his friends to get the partisanship out of the Canadian institutions of justice, as even Canadian laws compel.

At the time, the federal Progressive Conservative Party leader, a lawyer by the name of Peter MacKay, had read these letters when they were sent to Mr. Martin. Mackay sent emails on two occasions, applauding Mr. MacAlpine’s letters. Those very letters were then used three months later by the ruling Liberal faction to order an arrest. MacKay stayed silent and avoided subpoenas, intended to force him to verify the authenticity of his applauding emails at MacAlpine’s criminal trial.

Because of this arrest, by July 2004, MacAlpine expanded his reading of the law out from Canadian laws and into international laws.

He won his criminal trial of September 2004, as his own ‘lawyer’. He then sent applications for hearings about his civil and criminal case to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada. Those applications added Liberal Mr. Martin’s name. That application was blocked by a Supreme Court ‘law clerk’. That positioned lawyer’s name appeared on Liberal donation records.

It was also public knowledge that Canada’s Supreme Court was full of only Liberals and Conservatives who had been appointed by these factions when each faction was ‘in power’.

In January 2005, he applied to the International Courts in Geneva, Switzerland to have the partisan oversight in Canadian courts overturned and the international standard, compelling completely accessible, independent and impartial institutions of justice, applied to Canadian courts. That application was returned, unseen by any international judge, by a law clerk of that court. That law clerk stated that the United Nations does not get involved in the internal politics of any nation (until murder occurs, evidently).

When that lawyer’s name was researched, he was a Canadian lawyer who had donated to the Liberal faction. The court application to the United Nations had named the Liberal faction as a primary target.

Concurrently, in 2005, as he waited for word from the courts in Geneva, a business associate suggested that he approach American law firms to sue the Canadian government and partisan-donating corporations in Canada and America for loss of his business of 2002. His applications to American law firms as far away as New York, led to an understanding that the American ‘institution of justice’ is also corrupted by partisan manipulation (which is a violation of International law).

He already knew, from the 2000 Florida ‘judgement’ in that nation’s Presidential election, that the American system was corrupt. After all, it was a Florida Supreme Court, filled with Republicans appointed by George Bush, Jr.’s brother, Governor Jeb Bush, which had ruled that Republican Bush would be assigned as President of the USA after the Florida voting fiasco of November 2000.

In 2006 and 2008, Mr. MacAlpine deliberately applied to Elections Canada to become an Independent candidate in those federal elections. He formalized his application with legal warnings to Elections Canada officials. He quoted laws which compelled that they protect international law in the Canadian electoral process.

In both years, the process became one where he collected information that verified that Elections Canada was full of partisans appointed by partisans. This partisan oversight happens inside an institution of ‘the vote’ that is compelled by Canadian and International law to also be completely independent of partisan influences.

In 2007, he was shocked to discover that Canadian policing agencies donate to partisans. That explained their reluctance to deal with criminal code complaints he had filed against former Prime Minister Martin and other Canadian officials in 2004.

Mr. MacAlpine now resides in a small town in the Province of Saskatchewan, Canada. He defines himself as a Canadian Dissident who is an author/activist. He is in the final stages of preparing book(s) for publication on his experiences and his view on how the international community can get itself out of this international, partisan morass. He is also setting up web pages at, and in the hope that international citizenry will educate themselves to how they peacefully use international law to make democracies what they are legally compelled to be after 1948.

Ironically, the Province of Saskatchewan was the first province in Canada where the business and corporate-friendly Liberal and Conservative factions melded their partisan groups to form a new partisan group. It was named the Saskatchewan Party. Mr. MacAlpine has gleaned evidence that this partisan group has assigned ‘legal professionals’, who first register donations to the Saskatchewan Party, as ‘judges’ inside Saskatchewan’s ‘institutions of justice’.

On June 14, 2017, Mr. MacAlpine received formal notice from Saskatchewan’s ‘Ministry of Justice’ that he would be evicted from his current place of writing because he refuses to pay taxes to a local town council. He has presented evidence that Saskatchewan Party donors sat on that town council. He challenged these partisans, who were also shareholders in a local feed mill where more legal rights were violated in 2012. These elected officials refused to stand up against the violation of international and Canadian laws inside Canada’s courts, as warned to do since November 1, 2012.

No citizen is obliged to pay the salary of anyone who denies the individual their rights or, from an elected or appointed position, stays silent to the denial of rights, even those set under international law. On this basis, Mr. MacAlpine refused to pay taxes to the town, taxes which had then gone into these partisans’ pockets. As he entered this fray in yet another Canadian province, he uncovered the extensive donations from ‘legal professionals’ who became involved in his legal battles. These donations went, primarily, to the Saskatchewan Party.

This legal battle led to an order from the tainted courts of Saskatchewan. An eviction order began to be enforced in the fall of 2017. Mr. MacAlpine is temporarily ‘safe’ again because a ‘guardian angel’ arrived to temporarily relieve the stress of this, currently, individual battle against international corruption of the legal promises of 1948.

This web page will be developed in 2018 to allow concerned citizens to sponsor a protest sculpture against small town, big city and international violation of the terms of justice and democracy which the international laws of 1948 provide to all of us. This page will link the reader to other web sites where they can educate themselves to how the citizens of Canada can begin, before Canada’s federal election of 2019, to make credible change.

Canadians should be joined by others to set an example to how the rest of the world removes the possibilities of arrogant partisans, like Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau, stripping away freed speech in the protection of all truths, scientific or otherwise, and the real meaning of the term ‘a just society’.

Generating Real Democracy: How our ‘democracies’, ‘the vote’ and our institutions of ‘justice’ have been made irrelevant by partisan entrenchment. What we need to do about it.