How Can I Support “the Salute”?


The Wolseley Story;

The Nipigon Story;

The Contemptible Ottawa Story (2011) (the height of Canadian federal hypocrisy illustrated by the blockage of delivery of my 2011 draft book to Senator Dallaire and Members of Parliament by cops on Parliament Hill);

Justifiable ‘Professional’ Contempt (my experiences with forestry professionals, accountants, lawyers and medical professionals which confirm author Jane Jacobs’ public contempt for persons using the term ‘professional’, not as ameasure of higher duty but a protective device to gain the ‘professional’ higher public esteem and then protection from public accountability);

Justifiable Presidential and Prime Ministerial Contempt (when Bill Clinton can be rapidly indicted for lying about semen on a dress but Donald Trump remains free after openly violating international law with his stated intent to make special demarcations against Muslims (forbidden religious intolerance) and Mexicans (forbidden racism), then the measure of the impact of business-friendly partisans being in courts should be ample warning to how the international application of law has been dangerously stripped away. What that does in the realm of the science of global warming versus establishment business greed should be a wake up call for all concerned citizens of our planet);


  1. Support “The Salute” to get a real organization in place… target for ‘change organization’, September 1; (link this page to ‘payment/financial support’ page AND petition page (rethought this and this petitions page should only identify the supporter’s town, province/state and nation publicly. Synopsis: as soon as $45,000 (?) is ‘in the bank’, hire an organizational manager (eg recruit from an organization like Idle No More (join forces… big question for me… since I petitioned them a couple of times about this and their focus is ‘First Nation issues’) to start to prepare to warn ‘leaders’ and ‘positioned persons’ of concern.
  2. Use that organization to prepare to launch legal action which will compel a trial by jury for the ‘leaders’ and ‘positioned persons’ of concern, if they do not voluntarily move into rapid respect of international law. Synopsis: as soon as sufficient funds are in place, make Revolution By Pen (Canada as the start) pages a formal gathering ground for citizen support to take these issues to Canadian and international courts… note that, as a singular citizen, my legal arguments bear no merit against the corrupt. IF we get 1 million (or 10 million… ?) Canadians and international citizens registering their names and/or pledging finances (not going to be a requirement to sign ‘the petition/warning’) to get this legal challenge going, the ‘judges’ of our nation(s) will have no alternative but to allow a trial by jury… Target December 31, 2018 as the date to start this legal challenge, IF it becomes necessary;
  3. Depending on the speed of the above, move to force the reworking of Canada’s ILLEGAL constitution and re-structuring of its electoral process (yes, disbandment of an unelected Senate being one issue) by mid 2019, with new elections and impartial courts in place by 2020.

Generating Real Democracy: How our ‘democracies’, ‘the vote’ and our institutions of ‘justice’ have been made irrelevant by partisan entrenchment. What we need to do about it.