IF the world press stays silent to the blatant violation of international law inside all of our ‘democratic’ nations, does that then justify silence from the rest of us? In 2018, in comparison to 1929, is this just a question of moral behaviour or one of a collective disrespect for, or ignorance of, international law?

What is our individual responsibility? Where should our individual energies be focussed if we hope to change our world in a peaceful and positive way?

What is the role of ‘journalism’ in, generally, failing our societies in assuring that true democracy is in place anywhere on this planet?

I hope that, primarily, concerned citizens will consider the words of an environmental and social justice activist friend from Canada’s province of British Columbia (BC) who forwarded the link to my November 6, 2018 ‘blog’ to friends and elected officials.

In 2018, the shrewdly placed partisans of the Province of British Columbia in Canada are trying to sell the propaganda that re-organizing the voting system is the way to protect and return ‘democracy’ to the people. My friend astutely raises the spectre of much needed debate which goes beyond ‘electoral reform’:

“… Here in BC, we are faced with a referendum whether or not to choose (Canada’s current system of ‘First Past The Post’) FPTP or ProRep (the options being provided for electoral reform in provincial British Columbia) . I am not satisfied with the information I have received, or the understanding I have gleaned, as none of the ProRep options seem to offer hope for sufficient change. I might still vote for ProRep to try it out, but I am undecided.

I see a major flaw in our so-called “democracy”, whereby laws are created by partisans and determined outcomes are ruled on by partisan appointed judges in our supreme courts. Our monarchy allows for a Governor General to make decisions that allow for a Prime Minister to prorogue parliament when he feels threatened by a possible non-confidence vote. Our system does not work!

I have been reading Don MacAlpine’s writings for some time now. He has persisted in seeking justice for a long time. Unlike most of us, he never gave up, but immersed himself in the study of our constitution and how our legal system perpetuates injustice. I think he has nailed what is wrong with our political systems and why democracy does not work for us.

This (November 6, 2018 blog) is a long read. You might want to read it before deciding on our BC electoral referendum. Or, take your time and when you reach the end of the writing in this document, you can decide how you want to act to insist on our country honouring its commitments to the U.N. agreements.

I have been an environmental activist for at least 40 years and have witnessed the state of our environment and social inequalities worsen, no matter how many individuals and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) try to stop it. The Sierra Club, Green Peace, EcoJustice, West Coast Environmental Law, Council of Canadians, David Suzuki, 350.org–all the people who have steadfastly striven to make our world a better place–have barely slowed the process of degradation of our society and planet. We need to see the root of the problems.

Please read all of Don MacAlpine’s article (the November 6 blog), ruminate on it, and see what is needed to deal with the issues you have been embracing to little avail. Please let me know what you think. …”.

Change starts through one citizen at a time raising the debate. Question is if the international and national media will step up to the plate to generate a debate that has been suppressed, how? Through even the ‘journalists’ failure to ask why our nations are, collectively, being allowed to ignore international law.

‘My life is full of ironies’. It is a phrase readers of my writing will suffer again and again. The irony of this moment is that I had intended to post this blog on November 20, 2018 after a long struggle to organize its relevance to the worldly reports around us. Something caused me to pause from doing that. That evening, the love of my life sent me a link to a CBC podcast.

I urge every citizen who claims to want peace and credible democracy to visit the CBC program Ideas’ broadcast of November 18, 2018. It is an interview with American journalist and author Christopher Hedges about his latest book, America: The Farewell Tour. The CBC program is entitled Farewell Americahttps://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1374832195671 ). IF one takes the time to listen to the broadcast in its whole, one should come to understand that the bigger danger is Farewell Democracy.

I wonder how many citizens and journalists will take the time to listen to a man who was out of the United States for 20 years, serving as a war correspondent overseas and his observations on what ails our democracies. I wonder how many citizens will ignore the journalists’ tendency to want short puffs of ‘air of enlightenment!’ and take the time to read and heed, to start to understand that we do have the peaceful means to make positive change and avoid others’ cynical view that change will only come through another round of international violence.

“Mass resistance” can be, given the lessons to 1945, something which comes through enactment of our laws through masses of peaceful and motivated citizenry, collectively concerned about making the legal terms of equality something that are meaningful. We can start this in 2018. But, the citizen should understand why the individual must take the first steps instead of waiting for a generally incompetent mass media to expose the debate as to what the mechanics for injustice are and how we stop and then change those mechanics.

So, how many of you, including ‘the journalists’, will read this not so short essay to gain, I hope, better understanding to why the first challenge for all of us is to get the incipient corruption out of our courts?

It is time for our international community to understand that Republican Donald Trump is in power because Democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama used phrases like “I understand your pain!” for the oppressed of our nations and then used public taxes to bail out corrupt financial misfits who had led the international community into the financial crisis of 2008.

It would be a service to many if many would listen to the Hedges’ interview and commentary. The record of Hedges’ visit to a depressed, once-industrialized American city and the comments from former Democrat unionists are very relevant. Formerly loyal Democrats noted that they voted for Trump because of what Clinton and Obama did to them.

This is the very attitude which I met inside Canada in 1997 as I sought to enter my first federal election race, hoping to be able to give independent voice. I met too many individuals who had formerly been loyal members of the New Democratic Party in Ontario. They had changed their vote in 1995 and then suffered the return of what became a Conservative tyrant of cutbacks and disarray, Ontario Premier Mike Harris. Ontario, ironically in 2018, is returned to Conservative rule under a man named Douglas Ford. Ford’s organizers mimicked Trump’s electoral tactics to conquer and divide.

All of this should be a wake up call for anyone who thinks that the recent ‘mid-term’ election in the United States of America (USA, ‘America’) is any sign of democratic responsibility.

Just because the Democrats now rule Congress, the system of half truths and blatant lies, being used to manipulate a populace simply wanting hope via the truth and proper leadership, is breeding ground for a growing, vicious circle of despair. That need not be IF the institutions of justice, intended to protect the truth and the legal condition of equality for all, were not as corrupt as the institutions of ‘democratic governance’ which surround this planet.

When do the citizens of the world awaken to the fact that, by 1948, democratic nations had supposedly signed on to the concept of, and to the international responsibility that, the law is for all of us?

Do we submit what the word ‘justice’ means to the interpretation of lawyers, who first register their loyalties to partisans, or do we ‘start to drive the car ourselves’?

The lessons from 1945, in this regard, are what?

Had Anne Frank’s father NOT fled Germany and had, instead, delivered a stern, written warning to the legislative assemblies of Germany, warning them to cease and desist in their proposed pogrom against the Jews and others? Had Mr. Frank, and other citizens joining him, laid out how the Nazis were beginning to violate international law, what would have become the principles of lawful conduct?

The lesson that we have before us it that too many stayed silent. Instead of the violations of international law being stood up against by many when the first wrong appeared, the wrongs escalated until even Anne Frank disappeared. Listen to the interview with Mr. Hedges, to its ‘bitter end’. I had written the above before hearing Mr. Hedges’ suggestion that he feels compelled to continue to fight for reasonable democracies because he does not want to be labelled by generations to come as ‘the German who sat and stayed silent as the trains carried masses away outside his door.’

And, yes, I am a dissident citizen who dared to challenge where the most serious corruption lays: inside our partisan filled courts. As Hedges says, control over the oppressed is gained by the elitist few by three instruments: incarceration, eviction and then ignoring of.

I have suffered arrest in February 2004, as I began to challenge the criminalizing of Canadian courts by Liberal and Conservative factions, in concert.

I have suffered eviction, to the state that my legal and scientific documents arguing all of this from 1971 have disappeared from my home of 30 some years in Nipigon, Ontario. The disappearance of that property and documentation came under the directions of a Conservative mayor of that small Canadian town, one Richard Harvey.

However, my condemnation of the ‘profession’ of ‘journalism’ remains because, as the denial of my rights, and, hence, the rights of all of us, began to accelerate in 2003, I invited the media to enter court rooms and talk to me about all of this abuse of international law.

Silence breeds ignorance. Silencing, in the realm of ‘journalism’, is ignorance to what history compels of even ‘the journalist’.

I am with Hedges on one thing. WE will not gain a world of international responsibility and real justice until those who are markedly oppressed: women, children, people of race, the poor and those of ‘the wrong religion’, come to recognize that the oppression of their rights comes to be because we focus in on our own dilemmas and injustices and stay silent to how what happens to us is enabled because we stay, or stayed silent to what happens to others.

In the ironies of my life, my drafting and editing of this blog extends out beyond the days which I had intended. In the ironies of my life, the daily events rush in at me despite my decision to actively not seek ‘the news’. There are too many things going on in the world which confirm the legitimacy of my concerns.

When accusing the powerful and their almighty arrogance, one must be careful to have some certainty that the facts of the case are presented. Hence, unlike the tendency of Justin Trudeau’s contingent of incompetent Canadian rulers to follow the arrogant sheepiness (yes, suffer my joy at creating ‘new words’) of America’s Donald Trump’s tweeting nonsense, I spend too many hours researching and revising and adding as our world becomes a circle of sheep-herd nonsense once again in 2018.

I cannot, therefore, apologize for failing to write one of those ‘typically short!’ blogs which the deeply distracted, tweeting twits of society insist upon because they ‘have so little time’. The reason ‘we’ have ‘so little time!’ is because we make millions of distractions the reason for our existence. As we are all inclined to do, we then ignore the consequences of deeper issues around us, because to educate ourselves to what is really going on takes time.

Instead of heeding the lessons of history and taking the time, we slide back into the bad behaviours from a too recent human history.

This blog, as was its predecessor of November 6, will be a long one. However, reading both of them should not take you more than two hours. I do not deny that this is time which you could waste watching some blasphemous movie with ‘the person whom you love’. That kind of time is important too, in any balanced life.

However, not taking the time to assess what our general lack of understanding does to the world around us is irresponsible behaviour. The excuse that we ‘have no time’ results in an indifference to the lessons from history. There others became ‘too busy!’ with their own lives to care about what not caring about others eventually did, negatively, to their own lives.

And, yes, I have a lot of disdain for the general populace of ‘journalism’ because they are the contingent of real democracy which should be fleshing out the real issues of society and giving you the daily impetus to know what the options are for real change. Instead, this ‘institution of democracy’ has become the servant of those seeking bigger and bigger profits in an increasingly shrinking world.

Life is a daily novella. In this moment, my job is to turn you away from the succulent parts of it. The base comforts of life can lure us away from the skeletons which reappear because too many bury themselves in electronic distractions. I am not going to plead that you read. I merely offer the opportunity to gain some understanding.

Sneer at me in the end, if you desire. Sneering and justifiable cynicism is actually a healthy part of real democracy. Silence and shallow excuses for our collective silence is not.

In the ironies of my life, I delayed the posting of this blog more days to grant myself the luxury of personal ‘weekend’ time. This could be perceived as setting aside my responsibility to expose others more rapidly to why they should think about the dire consequences of the collective, partisan ignorance of international law. Ironically, this, to some, abdication, of my apparent personal duty to shout at the silent or bleating sheep in all parts of our nations, led me to watch a 2014 BBC Worldwide Ltd. Program entitled 37 Days.

After all, the news in recent days was of Donald Trump, ‘the President’, failing to show up for a commemoration ceremony in France for the fallen, now buried over 100 years ago. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is made an annual journey of mourning reflection in Canada. It has become an annual walk since 1918 into the human psyche of memorializing the dead while forgetting the state of ‘democracy’ which led to these vast instruments of legalized murder.

Sadly, this memorializing is stressed by those who fail to understand what is the most important part of that history which a ‘political thriller’, 37 Days, reminds us of.

Contrary to what I was taught inside Canadian ‘history classes’, the dying of ‘over 10 million’, mostly soldiers, in World War I (WWI) might have had the initial excuse of the assassination of an Austrian inside Serbia. Starting war, again, must be seen to have some just reason, after all. We cannot mobilize, I sneer, armies simply on the basis of an honesty to our greed for oil or other resources. There must be some ‘higher cause!’ such as ‘weapons of mass destruction!’ or a threat for someone from the impoverished murdering another of the high and mighty in an attempt to overthrow the increasingly greedy.

What is forgotten, or hidden, for WWI is the backroom diplomatic negotiations to try to maintain world peace in that era. These ended when the Kaiser-cousin of the British monarchy sent Germany’s troops into Belgium.

He did this to shorten his intended march to Paris. His real intent was to mimic the imperial dominance of his English cousins. He wanted to return Prussian Pride to his people.

Austria and Russia, where the threat of war first began, became the last nations to declare war in 1914, why? Because, as this Hollywoodification of real world events eventually notes, European nations had signed an agreement to establish and protect the neutrality of Belgium.

Britain warned Germany that any invasion of Belgium would be considered a ‘violation of this international law’, protecting tiny Belgium’s neutrality. Ignorance of that ‘international law’ led European nations to declare war against Germany. England did not consult Canada. They simply drew the ‘Dominion of Canada’ into what became a drawn out drawing of the volumes of blood which our world had not witnessed before.

Until. Until barely two decades later when the civilian population was deliberately targeted, in another ‘violation of international law’. There, the blood of millions was not shed, simply congealed, inside the gassing complexes of a world gone mad.

So, what is it that stops the citizens on this planet from awakening to the lessons of where our individual responsibilities lay when the spectre of another ogre of racism and intolerance and tweeting idiocy is exposed to ridicule because his hairdo is apparently vulnerable to a little rain on the historic muds of 1918 warring France in 2018? What is it about human nature that makes Donald Trump the target of the reigning attacks on what ‘democratic incompetence’ is?

‘Donald Trump’ is merely a small, but loud, signal to what ails a planet of sheep which, once again, allows itself to be led into the assumption that it is someone else’s responsibility to save the ‘democratic flock’ from ‘all of this’.

There is complete indifference to the legal fact that Adolf Hitler’s henchmen eventually went to the gallows because they chose to ignore international law. With that lesson behind us, we need to realize the repeat of human history which leads us back to the brink of disastrous anarchy. It is more than what Donald Trump is about. It is also about our personal failures and the abdication of our own duties.

I am using the blog option at this web site as the instrument to draw in daily events to the discussions I believe we must have. The more recent examples to the lessons which I have learned since 1982 may awaken citizens more readily. I am not going to deny that the initial blogs of this website will expose my general disdain for an important component of democracy, journalism. A pending blog, which was set aside as more insidious events unfolded on this planet, will be an expose of my personal experiences with journalists. That blog (my next posting?) will lead to why my contempt for their profession in general.

Oh, I do not doubt that there are a ‘few good ones among them’, but the discussions in these blogs will, hopefully, lead citizens to read the relevant sections of international law themselves. It is time to understand why, internationally, ‘democracy’ is non-existent. And why my case, not in isolation of but in consideration with the cases of women, people of race, the poor and the ‘lesser persons’, as defined only by those abusing power in our societies, shows how the violation of credible parts of national and international laws leads us back to 1929.

It is time that the citizen stop relying on ‘journalists’ so much and, indeed, start to challenge them on their role in making international law completely irrelevant on this globe in 2018. This blog is my challenge to them, again. What will ‘the journalists’ do? That remains to be seen BUT the conduct of ‘journalism’ in recent years has been a major factor in what has led our world to its state of today.

Many need to awaken to the fact that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was adopted and proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly on the 10th of December 1948 … http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/ . This Declaration was ‘reaffirmed’ by Canada’s Parliament in 1998.

In the early months of 1998, I stood in front of a Thunder Bay District Municipal League meeting. Yes, it was held in the city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, a city in that biggest province of Canada.

I was a recently elected small-town official. At that time, I was not attuned to the actual words of laws. However, my short speech was about the harsh need for democratic reform in Canada.

That was a big issue in Canada in 1998, especially in the nation’s hinterlands. We, distant from Toronto and Montreal, knew that the ‘majority population’, inside these large concentrations of demanding inhumanity, viewed the rest of the nation as a source of food and resources. Toronto and its surrounding metropolitan friends showed no concern for what was happening to the small towns of distant lands.

I lived in a town surrounded by a vast geography of former forests with equally spaced mill towns. Nipigon, Ontario was where I had worked as a forester for over 17 years. I had witnessed the forest resources of Ontario be depleted for 27 years. Mills were closing. Jobs were disappearing.

The persons of distant Toronto did not care as long as they had gas to spin the tires of their hot cars. My suggestion in my 1998 speech was that it was the provincial and national imbalance of electoral power which led to this denial of rights for all of us, we, the distant citizens. This met loud applause from that audience of elected officials.

I had referenced not the words of the law itself but the principles of equality which were loudly promoted by elected officials at all levels of government.

In 1998, there was a pervasive suspicion that Canada’s democratic structures violated the national promises of ‘equality’ made to us in the Canadian constitution of 1982. In 2018, the lesson should become that we, rightly, sense that our ‘democracies’ have entered into worse violation of the promises of equality made internationally in 1948, today.


When an arrogant American President twists the results of another American election to be a signal that the people want him to carry on with his agenda of division and distrust, when do the citizens stop abdicating their own rights and responsibilities to the judgement of partisan factions in our society?

As I noted in that speech of 1998, the fact was that the representation of national and provincial issues, inside Canada, had fallen down into an unprincipled concept that ‘democracy’ was ‘representation by population’. I dared to challenge the municipal, ELECTED officials of that day to think about what this meant in regards to our United Nations (UN).

IF this principle, of the greater importance of population in democratic representation, were to apply in a ‘democratic’ UN, then Canada should not be inside the UN. The UN should be comprised solely of representatives from the colonial continents of Asia, Africa and Europe.

Start to understand that international law is first failed in small towns, in your city’s backyards. The sickening symbol should be that the secretary of that 1998 meeting of small-town elected representatives asked for my only copy of my deeply revised original ‘speech’. Type-written, its multitude of added written notes made my draft speech of the night before irrelevant.

The secretary of the meeting, ironically, some would say, a ‘Japanese-Canadian’, wanted that speech, about protecting the term ‘equality’ through revised electoral processes, after the thunderous applause in that big room.

Short hours later, I was vilified by the same room. There was another issue. This one was about the science of Ontario’s forests. Wood supply was becoming a loud concern in the corporate world, again. I dared to stand and say that it was wrong that the partisan, elected, loggers and mill workers now forgot their personal responsibilities when they gained power via a ‘vote’.

These self-serving ingrates abused their elected positions. They stood up to protect their own jobs, on behalf of corporate Canada. They jumped to the defence of corporate propaganda and their own economies. They left open discussion on the realities of science and the rights of indigenous people ‘out in the woods’, once again.

The rights of all others were made inconsequential by these self-serving artifacts from our too inhuman history. By 2008, however, I understood the human psyche behind all of this. After all, my adult daughter had given me a book which referenced me to an American study undertaken in the 1960’s.

I am not going to give the full story of Stanley Milgram’s obedience study in this blog (Milgram, S. 1974. Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View. New York. Harper and Row). I merely point out that an American had designed a study to illustrate that the human psyche in any part of this planet can allow us to return to what we condemn Germans too eagerly for. That study showed that real people could be easily recruited to obey the ‘person in the white lab coat’. Milgram’s study showed that this would occur to the state that, while some were deeply troubled, they would take an actor, sometimes pretending to be on the verge of death because of increasing electrical shocks, to the highest level of torture available to them in the moment.

This abuse happened simply because the man in the white lab coat said that to not follow his orders would result in the ‘experiment’ being failed.

In public media interviews, this American scientist made the sobering conclusion that it would be too easy to recruit sufficient Americans to do what concentration camp guards had done inside Europe by 1945.

Irony is that, in 2010, I read a Metro news article while on a subway in Toronto, Ontario. I was on my way to file more legal warnings with the partisan ‘legal professionals’ in that Canadian province. That news rag carried a story which reported on the public’s criticism of a French ‘game show’ which mimicked this American study. In France, it was the television audience which shouted for the abuse of the actor who was being tortured in that more modern copy of the American experiment.

WE fall back into the behaviour of sheep. We do not recognize what we re-enter simply because we have lost sight of what our personal, LEGAL obligations are when it comes to the term ‘equality’. This happens even in a generation, mine, where the lessons to 1945 are too freshly before us.

I am the son of a generation which should have known better and did not learn. I cannot stay silent to a world of ‘journalism’ which oppresses criticism and dissent for the sake of ‘expert opinion’. There are too many journalists who are reluctant to press the warning button for the citizens. This is because the ‘journalists’ run to the persons wearing the black robes of ‘justice’ when it comes to the white-lab-coat of ‘the law’.

Yes, this subordination, by ‘journalism’, to the words of the astutely placed partisans, collectively fails our societies in 2018.

Real democracy protects the term equality. It takes in the circle of the globe and reaches into the minds of even the isolated First Nation, ‘indigenous’ citizen of Canada. Real democracy is the search for ideas and observations on how to best resolve perceived problems. It does NOT exclude. It INCLUDES.

We stay silent to any system which allows Donald Trump to run about firing those who will not align with him? We stay silent to the implications of this very thing and its examples from ‘that Hitler era!’?

When does another world of sleeping citizenry awaken to the fact that the law is OURS and that it is what the collective WE must use it to bring credibility back to our institutions of justice and democracy?

In the aftermath of another election farce in another ‘democratic’ nation, ‘America’, where are the citizens who actually read the law, freed from the influence of the partisan lawyers?

I will expand, in other parts of this web page, primarily The Law pages, my explanations on why the sections from that 1948 international promise which follow are the most important considerations to achieving real democracy and justice and international peace.

Our primary concern should not be about the outcome of any election which is conducted under the illegal designs of people who began to violate international law the moment when their nations signed it in 1948. Our primary concern must become how we change our corrupted courts to stop the abuse of our vote.

When we ‘vote’ and do not recognize that it is positioned partisans inside our courts who protect the ‘elected’ abusers of our laws, we allow the violation of the base principles of human rights and freedoms, set out in 1948.

The following are extractions from that 1948 promise, the most important promises made to all of us : “…

Article 2.
Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty.
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. …

Article 7.
All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law. All are entitled to equal protection against any discrimination in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination. …

Article 10.
Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. …”.

Visit my The Law page in coming days. I will post these sections and include discussions which I presented to Canada’s courts in a warning to Canada’s partisan manipulators, starting in the summer of 2004. While the principles of equality include that condition where geography makes no difference in the application of the term ‘equality’ (an idea raised in my speech of 1998), I want you to focus in on Article 10 for now.

“Fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal”. The most important words. Ignored by our ‘free press’ inside the supposed institutions of ‘real democracy!’ of 2018.

Aw, the ‘free press’ will run to the ‘legal experts’! The ‘legal expert!’ will shout that one must not consider sections of such laws in isolation of the whole promise!


When the crime of murder has been committed, one does not examine the navels of any criminal-code law to then consider the criminal activity of fraud. It is about murder, first. One examines the fraud which might have caused the murder to have been committed, later.

One should concentrate on the fact that the murder of international law has returned this planet of 2018 back to the year 1929. The ‘free press’ will not admit to their role in the greatest fraud of the previous, and now this century: that there is no ‘democracy’ on this planet which can claim to be in compliance with the international laws of 1948.

Why? Because, as I have already written elsewhere, the United Nations itself became an illegal instrument of ‘super powers’ by 1948. A very few nations on this planet stripped away any pretense of accepting the term ‘equality’ in their conduct, even inside the United Nations. The term ‘equality’ fell in the design of vetoes and manipulations by a very few powerful nations who declared themselves superior, simply because of the superiority of their ‘fire power’.

These ‘leaders’ did the very same thing which Hitler had done: they defined that the word of the law could be ignored by those who would oppress and attack via military force.

Putin. Donald Trump. Power-gaining China. Even Canada’s Justin Trudeau sees the priority of selling arms into Saudi Arabia as more important than loudly ensuring that the murder of a journalist meets the swift and impartial investigation which international law compels.

That condition of arrogance remains to this date as even ‘economic’ considerations are subject to excluding ‘summits’. The ‘economic powerhouse nations’ sponsor meetings like the G-12. There is pathetic subservience to the banks of the privileged because this has, pathetically, morphed into the submissive G-20.

It is ironic that, on November 19, as I return to this small town of modern Nazi behaviour on the Canadian prairie, Wolseley, Saskatchewan, to finish writing this essay, the love of my life informs me that the G-20 will be meeting at the end of November. There, the Saudi Prince, the suspected murderer of that journalist, will supposedly be in the presence of leaders of nations who see global economy as more important than protecting a global concept of justice.

These things, these international ‘panels’, become ‘instruments of decision making’. They are comprised only of those eager to please the principles of empowering the very few very rich on this planet. Meanwhile, the term ‘equality’ disappears. Meanwhile, the supposed moral leaders of our nations, made rich, apparently, because of the will of their gods, ignore international laws which define what justice really is.

New laws are made. Real murders face the manipulation of men like Trump for whom the higher motive is the protection of big contracts for weapons of war with Saudi Arabia, why? Because, in 1961, many nations came together to declare that years of tradition could be used to allow ‘immunity’ from immediate investigation and prosecution for real crimes inside ‘embassies’ ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomatic_immunity ).

Ironic that my weekend of relaxation led me to a house where the lady love of my life has the moral integrity to review history as each November 11 draws nigh in Canada. Ironic that I sat down with her to watch a 1997 BBC Video which she had already watched but thought I also should: The Nazis: A warning from history.

Ironic that the BBC makes justifiable criticism of the use of pomp and ceremony by ‘the Nazis’ to draw the citizenry into pompous pride. Ironic that the BBC seems totally incompetent at assessing its own nation’s focus on royal marriages and misbehaviour, in the same promotion of racial superiority which the Germans are still criticized for into 2018.

1929. There is no Kaiser in Germany.

2018. There is a racist bowing to the higher superiority of the genetic Brit in a sickening, continuing mimicking of Hitler’s theories of genetic superiority.

The hypocrisy of journalism has its roots in the hypocrisy of the Hollywoodification of responsible behaviour: If we weep over the images in a movie, then we are ‘responsible citizens’ because we have ‘ethicized’ our small minds.

WE make our brains wooden and our hands and tongues paralysed. WE fall silent to the lessons which the BBC and every other journalist of the world silences.

I found it sickening that this BBC presentation took note that Hitler immediately began to ‘change the laws!’ the moment when he gained power. What is conveniently forgotten is that the more prominent partisan organizations of Germany (there were about 30 in that nation in 1929, the documentary says) came together to agree that a dictatorship was what Germany needed. This was because democracy was not working after the disappearance of ‘that Kaiser’.

“New laws” eventually led to mass murder which violated international law.

What the journalist stays silent to is that it was the institutions of ‘justice’, filled with partisan friends, which then declared the ‘new laws!’ of the partisan as valid. It was this base violation of human rights which led to the killing of misfits and those of the wrong race or religion.

What is lost to our world is the message from human history: that too many citizens saw this as something they could do nothing about. Because their comfort of the moment was more important.

What is sickening about this inhuman history about where the inhumanity of our humanity is willing to put their energy ‘in the writing of letters’. The sad record of human incompetence may be inside the story told of a woman who refuses to accept accountability for what her written letter did while the rest of the citizenry stayed silent. It is, sadly, the record of our current incompetence.

The German lady’s name remains irrelevant to what human history should teach us. The circumstances of that sad story should compel any citizen with any conscience in 2018 to awaken to the importance of their own proper conduct when it comes to letter-writing in 2018, given this lesson to 1945.

The lady is contemptible. She admits that it is her signature on ‘that letter’. However, she admonishes the questioner for raising questions about her conduct “50 or 51 years ago.”

As German authorities saw the end of their empirical war looming, they began to burn incriminating papers. They were not thorough enough. By 1997, bundles of letters and documents, related to Gestapo activities, had been discovered in one small German town.

The producers of this BBC documentary of 1997 noted that, contrary to the pronouncements of previous historians, it seems that the ideologies of the Nazis were not forced onto the masses of citizenry. This documentary points out that there were only about 40 Gestapo agents covering a vast territory. Therefore, contrary to the general impression, it was not ‘the Gestapo’ lurking on every corner which led to summary arrests and executions.

It was the letters of citizens to these ‘authorities’ which led to a neighbour, of what had been that BBC interviewed young lady of ‘50 or 51 years ago’, being arrested and then ‘disappeared’. The condemned neighbour of this now surviving elderly, unapologetic lady had no trial in charge of what her misconduct had been.

The BBC focussed in on only this one example to portray how many oblique letters from neighbours, about what a single woman in a German neighbourhood was merely suspected of, led to even a German woman dying before she reached the age of 40.

The aging lady of 1997, who admitted that it was her signature on one of these letters of oblique accusation, was unrepentant. She had ‘not committed murder’.

We murder the lessons of human responsibility when we stay blind to the fact that responsible behaviour in 2018 is to take all of these lessons from that era to gauge where we should be really writing our letters. We need to stop accusing our neighbours and, instead, put our energies into written legal warnings to those persons in high places.

The people in places of power, who violate international law and remove our rights as citizens of democracy, must become targets of our legal warnings in 2018. IF they will not change their ways and begin to protect international law over their own convictions, then they should be tried and convicted on that basis. There is too much public evidence to the state of the criminality in our institutions of ‘democracy’ to allow us to be silent anymore.

Why is ‘journalism’ failing us in this?

We know that the ‘investigation’ of the murder of that American resident, a contributor to the American newspaper, The Washington Post, has become a prominent issue with ‘journalists’. I suggest that even ‘journalists’ start to muse on the consequences of an institution of ‘free speech’ which confines the debate in matters of justice to what each country involved is ‘legally’ required to do in this case.

I visited this United Kingdom report on November 12: Khashoggi murder: Turkish and Saudi prosecutors clash over investigation into journalist’s death, via The Independent’s link https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east . That link led me to a more relevant video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-Yx6yrKTS8 . I recommend that all citizens of conscience visit this ‘news’ video. It is posted at YouTube.

Watch, and then start to think about what one aging white guy says at a demonstration outside the Saudi Arabia consulate in London on October 26, 2018.

At about 10 seconds into that video, this man says: “Someone once said that the death of one person is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” The man, rightly, says that the murder of Jamal Khashoggi was a horrific injustice but then asks why there is so much silence to the killings of thousands of children and civilians, killings which were continuing with vigour in Yemen on October 26, 2018.

The sad message behind all of this is the sadder statistic of civilian incompetence to what all of the stats of modern ‘journalism’ imply.

WE are the problem because WE fall into the trap of watching only what will make the media owners richer and richer.

That video about that man’s astute comments, available on Youtube, has a whole 474! hits on November 13 when I re-visited it.

The same news organization urges us to visit a video which records a tearful conversation with Khashoggi’s surviving fiancee: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/khashoggi-murder-news-trump-saudi-arabia-fiancee-hatice-cengiz-turkey-consulate-istanbul-a8608166.html (Trump ‘should not pave way for cover-up’ of Jamal Khashoggi’s death).

Videos, about this singular woman’s justifiable angst posted at Youtube, have had 16, 928 views (Euronews: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OocEcfLBym4 ) and up to 67,289 views at the BBC ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_y9M7oSSFW4 ) by November 13.

There is a relentless record of the Khashoggi story and its ‘breaking news’ in our media. The interest in this ‘news story’ is such that any Youtube video, specific to updates for this story, is not readily found on November 13. Everywhere one turns, Khashoggi, the murdered ‘journalist’, is in the news.

Meanwhile, in sharp contrast, on August 9, 2018, 29 children on a school bus in Yemen were killed by a bomb dropped from a Saudi Arabian war plane. The munitions were sponsored by? The United States of America.

I suggest that you, the concerned citizen, ask yourself why you are watching CNN AT ALL if you have not, first, looked up the United Nations’ own ‘media centre’.

In March, 2018 (I have the news source in my electronic files but am NOT going to take the time to look it up for presentation here), an emissary from the United Nations (UN) was shaking the hand of one of those rulers of Saudi Arabia. In that month, Saudi Arabia was being applauded by the UN overseers for ‘donating over a billion dollars to humanitarian relief’, where? Yemen.

Short months later, the same United Nation’s ‘news source’ is making reprehensible record that the UN is discussing, on October 11, what should be done about the massive crisis inside Yemen. American sponsored bombs are being challenged as becoming the instruments for the Saudi bombing of civilians. The UN admits that this has led to ‘over 1200 children dying’ and even higher civilian casualties.

What is our ‘civilian responsibility’ in all of this?

Visit YouTube news sources about the August killings. I simply note the first three which I visited. Ironically, the most compelling? It was the first which I had visited.

MSNBC reports on children killed in Yemen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Heh1VQcvl3A . It is posted on August 9, 2018. By November 13, when I first found it, only 18,065 views existed. The ‘spot’ is just over 2 minutes long. What the reporter, commentator, says is compelling. He essentially chastises Americans and urges them to think about what would have happened if a bomb had killed 29 children on the streets of America.

Watch that video if you want to get some sober reflection on the endless redirection, by our main media venues, into the antics of Donald Trump and the horrific murder of the ‘journalists’ friend!’

Statistics of our own irresponsible behaviour. Al Jazeera is an Arabic-sourced ‘media outlet’. There was much uproar in Canada and the USA when it was first announced that ‘those damned Arabs!’ would be bringing their version of ‘the news!’ into North America. Bluntly, I do not visit this news organization any more than others, indeed more rarely. However, in my humble opinion, on the rare issue which I have visited their ‘news!’ reports for, they are often more balanced than CNN’s repetitive nonsense of cops running down the street in response to yet another gunning inside America…

Those damned cops! ‘They are so physically fit!’, I thought the first time I saw this kind of reporting on CNN. Then I finally realized that CNN plays select video clips, over and over again, about only things which will ‘concern Americans!’

I purposely did a short search, not a profound one, on November 13, 2018. I found no CNN YouTube video about that August 9, 2018 attack on children. The Al Jazeera English report at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdsF6TKHOuk ? It has only 5,761 hits. It was posted on August 19, 2018.

The reports about the killing of a ‘journalist’ will garner more hits in one day than three months’ passage after the horrific deaths of 29 children. The pain and suffering of survivors and the parents is apparently worth less than the widowed fiancee of a journalist, why?

Worse, the world of international journalism will silence the very same warning which I watched as America debated whether they would expand their war in Iraq, ‘against terrorism’, into Afghanistan. What year was that? 2002? 2003?

On August 9, 2018, an astute MSNBC commentator notes the very same thing which that American General warned of, shortly after George Bush, Jr. began his ‘war on terror’ without UN approval and on the basis of lies about ‘weapons of mass destruction!’ Both men have warned us, nearing two decades apart, that the killing of civilians by international bombs only fuels the recruitment of ‘terrorists’.

Just how is that strategy of allowing Donald Trump to sell armaments to Saudi Arabia doing y’all inside Ahhhmehicca? Are you feeling safer than you felt in 2002? What blinds the American, and our international media, to the legal ramifications of allowing a ‘president’, who was bailed out of economic disaster in the late 1990’s by Saudi’s, to continue with a harsh conflict of interest which is also a blatant violation of international law?

29 children versus one journalist. Even the reputed BBC reported on this August 9 incident in Yemen on August 10, 2018. Their YouTube site had only 12,869 visits after three months: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEbH1jQkaqA .

There is endless reporting on Donald Trump’s antics but no challenge to the rest of the world as to why international law is not being enacted against the man.

Why would any ‘esteemed news agency!’ inside the ‘United Kingdom’, like the BBC, dare to criticize Trump or even the Saudis about ‘international law’? After all, they are residents inside a nation which dares not challenge the legitimacy of the racial superiority of the Two Doors.

Our world remains immersed in the propaganda which is fed the sheep of the planet. We remain stuck in the Egyptian Pyramid Syndrome. ‘Educate’, ‘indoctrinate’ is the more honest word, the world to believe that some god imbues special powers on one individual to ‘lead’ the rest of us ‘into heavenly perpetuity!’ The rich realize that this is the best option for protecting their own snobbery, or they are indoctrinated by the high priests of that ‘ruler’ that this Egyptian Pyramid Scheme is a sign that ‘a god’, assigned representation on earth in the form of a singular human in an omnipotent position of power, wills that a very few be enriched by all ‘those others!’, who deserve to be enslaved.

The sad thing is that the sheep of the planet allow themselves to believe that, if they have had any kind of a vote, the laws of the past remain relevant after 1948. They allow the old rules to prevail because assigned partisan ‘judges’ say that the old rules have merit. No one dares to ask how many of these appointed ‘judges’ are religiously dedicated to the old Scheme of the Pharaohs: that, if we do not bow to the belief that the ‘Head of the State’ is a will of some god, then we can be hissed at, dismissed and denied impartial justice.

WE allow ‘journalists’ to lead us to ignorance of the laws which give us the right to be freed of this braying in the prayers of even Presidents in their oaths to a god, not to the rights of all people.

The epitome of this corruption of our right to freedom of religion and leadership freed from this religious rhetoric came at the height of George Bush, Jr.’s search for revenge after the American deep anger over ‘9/11’. Mr. Bush. Standing on the deck of a big war machine. Telling the world that his god is on America’s side and that this is the reason they will win ‘this war against terror!’ Quickly joined by the English version of that same small c christian nonsense against the muslim nonsense.

How’s dat teary helpin’ yer war in terruhr agin those muslims en Afgheneestein, Ahmereeca da Greet?

People on this planet remain stuck in that Egyptian Pyramid Stupidity. They care not about the imploring of even the christian ‘deity’ that peace be the goal of all humanity. Worse, the people allow themselves to forget the lessons to 1945 and the subsequent legal requirement that ALL religious beliefs are equally protected. The religious will not admit that ‘freedom of religion’ includes those beliefs which say that there may not be or is no god but that we still have higher moral obligations to each other.

We may think that the worst sin is committed inside Merry Olde England or Holland or Sweden or all of those other places where a ‘constitutional monarchy’ still exists. Oh, the swinging double doors of ‘a monarchy’ may be the easier mark of our continuing Egyptian Pyramid Sins. After all, the fact that such ‘democratic’ systems identify that we must bow to the ‘traditions’ of such nations: that one person descended from a particular family is genetically superior to the rest of us; makes it easier to define our submission to a superior racism which became illegal after 1948.

Is it just about the Tudors of England and their Two Doors of religious propaganda? Or about a ‘White House’ occupied by any individual who praises some ethereal being for giving him or her ‘this position!’ and power and then makes himself or herself above the law? Like Donald Trump. Like Barack Obama. Like George Bush, Jr. and Sr. Like Bill Clinton and on and on…

It is time that the sheep of the planet awaken to the fact that those swinging Two Doors of the grand palaces of ‘democracy’ are really just dragging us back into the Egyptian Pyramid Scheme: those, appointed directly by ‘a vote’, as for Trump, or who are allowed to be the ‘official stamp of democracy!’, as in the case of the rulers in ‘monarchies’, step out of these palaces of Two Door ‘democracy!’ with one foot forward.

This leads us into the nonsensical belief that ‘democracy’ is legitimate inside even Merry Old England. We conveniently forget that really it is the judicial officials who hide the other foot of their appointed ‘leader!’ It is the bevy of partisans in their black robes and hide the following leg of that ‘leader of democracy!’ It is the black robes of law who hide that the second foot is being held back in the portals, the Two Doors of aristocratic ‘democracy’.

That ‘following foot’ is poised to kick anyone into the nether lands if one dares to say that racist Merry Olde England, and America and Canada and … are no better than Germany 1929.

The BBC, however, is the deepest hypocrite. The international media borrows the Brit’s silence to international law and the lessons to 1945. International air waves become filled with the insistence that Prince Harry and the hairy others of that Tudor descenduncy are a legitimate ‘democracy’ because, by gar, the antics of Nazi-mimicking-inside-the-party uniforms of all of the ‘sworn-loyal-to-the-Queen!’ parties of England make for good sales of ‘the news about Hairy!’ in those English tabloids.

The international media becomes the agent of sales for the unprincipled, and unlawful, principle that the genetic descendant should be the ultimate ruler of us all.

The journalists conveniently forget that olde Americans, never seeing a ‘black man!’ as a potential President, made birth in America as a condition for eligibility. A candidate for that highest elected office in America must be able to show an American birth certificate. The Women of America will kick and scream that they have deep problems reaching the glass ceiling of elected position while staying silent that their electoral laws in are in violation on this condition of birth, alone.

Women are as deep in the sin of our nations. Racism can override the sins of sexism, women of the world have yet to understand.

America defines its geography, as the Two Doors of England did, as the only source for good genetics which can lead to thoughtful leadership. Yup, the whites of that American philosophy sucked wind when Black Obama gained ‘the Presidency!’ Yup, Powerful White America breathed a sigh of relief when Obama demonstrated in 2008 that he was as willing as whites to enslave the poor to corrupt bankers, via taxes, while the citizens’ rights disappeared.

The poor have witnessed the repetitive sins of the partisan elitists of our nations. They have yet to learn that the sins of sexism and racism will lead to another President appointing another racist and sexist Republican, Brett Kavanaugh, to an already corrupted court so that the rights of the rich and the corporate shall override the rights of the oppressed.

Aw, ‘journalists!’ and honest citizens of the world! Yes, suck wind into those lungs of yours because I dare to make ‘unfounded accusations!’ against a man who has sworn allegiance, via Republican registration, to a man who has nominated him, a man who has publicly called Mexicans and Muslims as below his calling of ‘America the Great!’ When any appointed ‘judge’ fails to stand against the open violation of human rights, they are no better than the Nazi ‘judges’ of 1933: promoted racists, sexists and religiously intolerant.

That is something which is a public record. I have no fear about speaking these truths. ‘Journalists’ do because they run to the American and every other nation’s Supreme Court to gain a ruling on ‘what the law is!’, instead of reading the law to those who breach it, again and again.

I pointed out this illegal condition, of ‘birthplace’ being a discriminator in any voting process anywhere on this planet, to stupid journalists years ago. Do not wonder why, therefore, about my contempt for ‘journalism’ and ‘elected officials’ everywhere.

At least the Saudis are openly honest to their racist intents, their religious intolerances and their refusal to accept international law. ‘Democracies’? They use ‘journalists’ with wooden brains to protect this racism and intolerance, internationally.

Aw, my breathless criticism of the antics of the nations of my own blood source, Europe and African and Canada, is ‘an attack!’ or a valid critique?

What do those statistics about the incompetent citizenry’s own wandering fingers, to what is selectively reported by ‘journalists’, have do to about reasonable debate about international responsibility?

The Khashoggi murder does provide another case where there MUST be public outcry against the incompetence being blatantly demonstrated, once again, when it comes to just process on the international scene. However, our news media, once again, focuses the public in on a singular event. This distracts, de-tracks the citizen. The ‘journalist’ makes ‘the news’ become what the reporters’ overseers primarily see as ‘interest items’.

Yes, ‘journalism’ has a primary responsibility for the blatant decline of democracy because it is this kind of reporting which moves the citizens away from what their own, their individual responsibility should be in all of this.

The saddest commentary behind why ‘journalism’ does this, again and again, comes from that video which I referenced in my November 6 blog: https://www.cnn.com/videos/world/2018/10/30/dave-chappelle-jon-stewart-amanpour.cnn/video/playlists/amanpour/

First, my apologies to Christiane Amanpour of CNN. I left the ‘a’ out of my November 6 reference to her October 30, 2018 interview with comedians Jon Stewart and Dave Chappelle.

That being said, what is sadder is Jon Stewart’s interruption of Amanpour’s question about the impacts on responsible behaviour inside news organizations of the world because of the focus on Donald Trump. Stewart immediately came forward with the media’s main problem. ‘You have to keep the lights on!’ becomes Stewart’s hypocritical record of the deepest sin of our international societies.

While Amanpour may chastise Stewart and say that ‘keeping the lights on’ might be the concern of media ‘bean counters’ while ‘journalists’ are seemingly ‘more ethical than that!’, she is completely, seemingly blind to what all of this backroom manipulation ‘at the top’ has done to credible journalism.

These organizations have become instruments for people to become millionaires if not billionaires. These billionaires sponsor the partisan whom they see as best protecting their own interests.

IF you ever read any amount of my writing, you will regularly encounter that phrase, “my life is full of ironies.”

It is November 7, 2018, the day after ‘that’ American ‘election’. I rarely listen to the news anymore. I rarely read hard copies of newspapers or news magazines anymore, although, frankly, that would be my preference.

Not only is it about a hard, real record of supposed contemplation of the news, nice to hold in the hand and oft easier on the eyes. Not only does it then allow the eye to avoid the loud print of an ‘advertiser’, which becomes, on modern devices, those annoying, disruptive videos selling this and that, including which partisan we are to vote for. More importantly, the printed ‘news’ carries the insinuation, oft not the reality, that the reporting on paper carries less hint of the rush to become ‘the first to report!’

The hard white of the newspaper, hence, should be a more thoughtful record of the day’s or week’s events.

However, I do not have the finances to buy ‘the newspaper’ to linger over morning coffee, indulging myself in the humour of real political cartoons and the fake lives of those comic strips which I miss. There is also a deeper reason for me ‘not buying’.

I also despise the hidden manipulations of political debates. By billionaire partisans who use our media to promote the agenda of their favourite greed protector.

Internationally, it is forgotten that Conrad Black was a big Conservative man who took on the strategy of owning large wads of the international media. A Canadian citizen, he was insulted because Liberal lawyer and former Prime Minister Jean Chretien refused to acknowledge that England’s Queen Elizabeth had almost cut Black’s head off.

The Queen of England’s symbolic sword of racist submission, apparently because of Black’s sworn loyalty to her racist insistence that her race should be ‘King of The World!’, became gentle. Apparently she blunted the blade to enknighten Black. (yes, suffer my joy at creating ‘new words’ …. ‘enlighten’, changed into the dark history of the world of Black Knights).

Aw! The English bitch, continually lauded in our ‘modern’ international media, had nighted Conservative lawyer and media owner Mr. Black. She had made him a “My Lord!” Evidently, Mr. Black had gleaned the fields of media manipulation to protect the sword of the highest English Bitch of English Aristocracy. Therefore, this nighted honour had to be bestowed upon a man of confused ‘national identity’.

Chretien, the Liberal lawyer, highest Liberal lawyer elected in distant Canada-land, and of ‘French Canadian!’ historic descent, refused to allow this British nonsense on Canadian soil. Stupid Chretien remained brave in his national denial of Black’s squealing “Call me ‘Lord’!” despite Conservative Black’s loud control of major parts of the media.

Aw, but the Americans forget so rapidly. Videos. Of Mr. Black, arrogant to his title even inside America. Stealing back boxes which had been taken by American legal authorities in a pending investigation of his apparent misdemeanours in the manipulation of his personal profits via the media empire which he had expanded and was now trying to sell to minimize his losses.

Black, oh lord!, had to walk a walk of shame, not just for his misdemeanours, ‘fraud’, inside corporate offices, but because? He had been caught on video, removing articles of printed record which were alleged to be needed for the American investigation! Mr. Black, the international media mogul should remember, went to jail for ‘obstruction of justice’.

Aw, but what is conveniently forgotten is the plodding, sad history of Black’s childhood march to becoming? A lawyer! Doing miserably inside Ontario’s schools, his rich parentage had provided sufficient resources for the young man to fail in Ontario’s law schools but to eventually succeed inside Chretien’s home province of Frank-a-phone Quebec. Knowing the law as the Conservative faction would have it read, Black had become the darling of the Conservative, religiously and genetically racist and business-minded national circles of the planet.

His newspapers had become notorious at preaching to the commoners the higher ‘moral ground!’ of few men, and eventually some ‘allowed’ women, of the right-winged mind. Those who were getting richer and richer while the removal of the rights of others accelerated? That was the will of the gods of the rich pharaohs of ‘post-war nations’.

Despite oversight of the biggest media outlets in Canada, Black, the black-souled lawyer, conveniently forgot the lesson of Oskar Schindler’s sponsorship of the right nazi in our modern world. The inconvenient truth becomes that the rest of society did not care about how the ownership of the grand media led to an institution of ‘directed news!’ which, inside Russia or China or North Korea would be called ‘propaganda’.

So, the American will proudly pull out of the news archives the incident of Black being arrested on the basis of video evidence and define that as ‘justice!’ No one dares to ask: what makes lawyers, internationally, elected and otherwise, think that they are above any law, including that international one which compels impartial, and accessible for all, institutions of justice?

What the international media stays blinder to is the deeper irony and implications of the trotting off into human history of the failing part of that story.

A Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada lawyer, a known afficionado of the Canadian Liberal faction, one Israel (Izzy) Asper had created his own media empire. As Conservative Black’s demise accelerated, Mr. Asper wrung his hands in glee. He made some more gold by buying some of Black’s propaganda-agenda, which some call ‘news outlets’.

In Canada, Mr. Asper became the illegal viper who is the epitome of what ails credible journalism.

A columnist in one of Asper’s newspapers dared to write deep criticism of Mr. Asper’s highest ranking Liberal lawyer friend, that Prime Minister of eventual contemptuous, lawyered fame, Jean Chretien. Chretien eventually fell from grace with Canadians for overseeing a Liberal government which, as with too many governments before, blatantly slid taxed dollars into the pockets of partisan friends.

The exposure of Chretien’s patronage eventually came about via a big investigation, paid by taxed dollars. Before that day, Viper Asper would not allow any commentary inside ‘his!’ newspapers which might criticize his favoured partisan. Luckily for Mr. Asper, he died in 2003, evidently the will of his gods. His timely dying saved him from witnessing the fall from grace of his godly, and unindictable, in the news, at very least, Jean Chretien.

The Gomery Inquiry, begun in earnest by 2004, became another farcical event of fake ‘justice’. There Conservative lawyers became richer and richer by their attacks on the Liberals who hired their own Liberal lawyer friends so that the lawyers would get richer and richer off of taxes which, in the end, exceeded the amounts said to have been ferreted into the pockets of Chretien’s business and other friends.

The irony here is that all of this ‘news worthy!’ exposure of another ‘scandal!’ increased the chi-ching, chi-chang of media coffers, owned by ‘billionaires’ who had slid the right dollars into the pockets of either the Conservative or Liberal faction so that the farce of ‘justice’ could be made into the righteous, public anger of the aggrieved citizens who will stay stupid to who gets enriched in the Conservative-led attacks on the Liberal-led attacks for the Liberal attacks on the same transgressions of the Conservative blight on democracy, occurring short years previous. Endless partisan games which lead to breathless words.

Look up the Canadian story of that former Conservative Prime Minister of Canada, a ‘lawyer by trade’, named Brian Mulroney. Mulroney’s good friend, Gomery, the Conservative lawyer, became an appointee for an investigation of ‘those Liberals!’ in retaliation for an investigation made by Liberal lawyer Chretien against Conservative lawyer Mulroney in the scandal of Conservative business friends getting special consideration for ‘aeroplane contracts!’ Wind down through the muddled adventure of a conflicted media to the part where Mr. Mulroney, because he was a lawyer, did not see any relevance to his legal duty to report the satchel of ‘real cash!’ received in New York city after a meeting with a German compatriot of high business leanings, who was wanting to use Mulroney to lean on the decision-making of a Canadian government of the day.

The measly citizen will be tortured and harassed for not reporting $20 on their ‘tax return!’, ‘properly!’ Mulroney became another lawyer made ‘above the law’ by a Revenue Canada Agency which turned a blind eye to this disgraceful behaviour by elected officials.

Aw! Eventually I will get to the hypocrisy, the irony of all of those ‘news reports’ heard inside a car on November 7, 2018. But, for now, consider that I now reside in a province where the Liberal and Conservative factions of Canada have combined to form the ‘business friendly!’, religious-right party of pharaohs of ‘this should be your choice!’ chance favoured by the law firms and lawyers wanting to become ‘judges!’ inside this Province of Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Party. Now there is a warning barometer to what happens when the Canadian cop slips dollars from their policing associations, slash ‘unions’, into the back pockets of elected partisans who will appoint Saskatchewan Party registrants as ‘judges’ so that, like Hitler’s henchmen, the courts, and their arresting agencies, are controlled by the partisan.

Start to make the deeper equation of the deep hypocrisy in our bowing to ‘history!’ when Liberal lawyer Izzy Asper joins forces with the mindless overseers of ‘journalism’. It is all very good when our media melds their propaganda regimes to assure us all that ‘they’ are proponents and protectorates of ‘freed speech’ when they are, collectively, incompetent to the consequences of cops and lawyers giving to partisans who then declare that the impartiality of any court on this planet is irrelevant.

Because the ‘legal experts’ say so, so says the lethargic members of the media.

The irony is that no one will raise the spectre of the side-winding vipers, like now-deceased Liberal lawyer Izzy Asper, who oversee such ‘media giants!’, in control of what free speech really is. The world of big media will stay silent to the criminal implications of Asper, a Canadian born jew, by the way, being made into a hero because, in the throes of his final years on this earth, he insists that Canadian taxes go into the building of a grand museum.

A glassed in mosque of monstrous proportions, Asper hopes, will live forever to the glory of his name. It is built in Asper’s favourite Canadian city, Winnipeg, Manitoba in the pretense that it should remind the world of the sins of ‘The Holocaust’.

We are to forget that Mr. Asper tried to shut down the voice of a columnist daring to accuse Liberal Izzy’s Liberal Friend Jean, because? Because Mr. Asper is a descendant of that aggrieved part of the human population which leads to a Holocaust Anxiety which then shouts that we should not criticize the illegal antics of even ‘the jew’ when it comes to international law.

Aw, so knowing this Asper story, I am in a vehicle, a rare contrivance which I use because of many reasons, on November 7, 2018. A late afternoon drive. Normally enhanced by a listen to the Canadian CBC version of sponsored publicly played music, ‘CBC 2’.

I listen to their music channel so that I do not suffer the ads of Youtube and every other vehicle of ‘free speech’ which wants to pretend that their reliance on ‘news makers’, like Donald Trump, is ‘ethical reporting!’ while all stay silent to the fact that this focus on ‘the news that the citizen wants to hear!’ allows the media to rub their golden hands in glee at the increase of their ‘listening audience’.

After all, the focus of the citizenry on Trump carries the implication that the golden allegiances of the rich will lead to rich moguls of the media pocketing much of the volume of income from ‘the news!’ This will ensure that the right media mogul can slide some of their own chi-ching, chi-chang into the pockets of even racists like Donald Trump because?

Because the world is apparently blind to the mechanism which got Oskar Schindler, first, richly rewarded in 1939 through the enslavement of Poles and jews inside his factories. It was only when the pogroms of the ghettos of Poland began that Schindler realized the state of murder which his partisan friends intended for others.

The world wants to forget the ‘only slightly!’ fictionalized vision of Schindler standing in front of the emancipated jewish slaves in 1945. He stands, to announce that, having saved so very few of them, he must now flee. This fleeing was necessitated because he is slated to face trial for the abuse of the rights of humans to his own gain.

International law.

Schindler’s List. It is contemptible how many ‘astute business men’, who gain gold, forget their legal responsibilities when it comes to the rights of others, in the state of bribery now legalized in our modern world.

Mr. Black? Mr. Asper? My contempt is equal for both of these men for their ignorance to what their partisan friends, collectively, did to Canada’s indigenous people and to the right to credible institutions of justice for the poor. Asper, however, is a man whose ‘proud roots!’ make him especially target for the world of sadness we should be assigning the rich, from those oppressed years of Schindler’s history.

Too many rich jews do unto others as was done unto them: act like Schindler with no apparent sense of accountability for what their bribes do to the rights of others. That does NOT, however, remove the culpability of the other rich who remain immoral incompetents to our inhumane history to 1945. And the laws which came out of that era.

Oh, there is indeed a need to spit contempt at the general state of anarchy of our international enclaves of the very few very rich. However, when we allow our Holocaust Anxiety to deny the justifiable criticism of those who use the word ‘holocaust’ to blind societies to their personal hypocrisies, under the law, then the sin becomes ours.

Visit these web pages and understand the deeper depth of criminal conduct inside our ‘democracies’. Mine is only one injustice which I have witnessed . But, having witnessed how our international media conducts themselves in their ‘institutions of free speech’, I do know how the real significance of another arrogant President inside one of our nations is muted and oppressed by the hidden allegiances of those paupers of ‘the news’.

Bluntly, knowing this hidden history has led me to recently sponsor the British editions of news, The Independent and The Guardian. I am surprised that more of the international media has not awakened to the fact that these ‘institutions of reporting’ now directly ask clients entering their internet pages to sponsor them through donations. This, both organizations state at their ‘donation box’, is because they ‘want to maintain an independence from billionaires’.

I am surprised that more members of the public do not demand that their reporting sources demonstrate that they are indeed impartial and independent in the presentation of the ‘news’ which partisans try to generate through their own ‘communication specialists’, even inside our ‘democratic institutions’.

Which is why it is just as important for citizens around this planet to start to understand the importance of making the law ours so that the aftermath of an American election is dealt with. The danger signals may lay in the public reaction of arrogant Donald Trump to what should have been election results which should have modified his behaviour. However, Trump is a very small part of an internationally BIG problem.

My life is full of ironies? No! Our world is full of the hypocrisies which I am forced to listen to on November 7, 2018.

I had not intended to listen to the news. After all, CBC’s ‘Radio Two!’ is supposedly devoted primarily to promoting the art of music. That FM radio channel does read the news but not every hour on the hour. I had forgotten that 4 p.m. in Saskatchewan is the Ontario 6 p.m. ‘news hour!’ after November 4, 2018. So, I suffered less than five minutes of the waning ‘news report’.

Irony. The radio’s announcers announce an official, pending apology to that 1939 boat load of jews which was turned away so that, eventually, (about) 250 of those worldly citizens disappeared in the ravages of ‘The Holocaust’. The CBC News hour announces that Liberal Trudeau and the other three ‘elected!’ partisan rulers inside Canada were to stand in Canada’s Parliament in mournful apology to the whole jewish world.

Appropriate? Only if there is collective honesty to the state of anarchy which all of these rulers, including those sponsored by members of the rich elitists inside the jewish religion, lead us back into. As in 1929, the members of the jewish faction of religion should not be made special targets for attacks about their conduct but neither should they be made above repute just because of our ‘Holocaust Anxiety’.

In other essays at this web page, I will lead into an explanation of the modern psyche which seems to make all fear to call any and all religious people, including the religion of atheism, hypocritical when it comes to illegal influences being exerted inside our nation’s institutions of justice and, hence, of ‘democracy’. That will eventually come under an essay which will be at The Law page of this website. For now, think about this.

The human record is that a rich jewish family in Hungary was able to bribe Nazi officials to ferret their young out to Switzerland. That happened in the waning weeks of 1944 only as Canadian men, of all social statuses, died on the shores of Europe. Nazis began to fear the implications if they simply continued to escalate the killings, as Hitler was demanding, as ‘that war’ began to be lost.

Peter Munk, a young Hungarian jew was saved. He arrived in Canada to re-engage in the accumulation of wealth. He became a prominent donor to the very Conservatives in Ontario who, by November 2002, had defined my person, and, hence, others, as not worthy of accessible and impartial justice because the actions by partisans had made me poor.

Our Holocaust Anxiety should not preclude the rich man of the jewish religion from being any less accountable to their abuse of privilege and power. When men like Munk and Asper engage in the repeat of the actions by Oskar Schindler in 1939, they are no models to our society. Their names should not be on streets nor buildings of education or health. They may be no more culpable than those who pump up their morality based on some ethereal god’s will that they get rich, because of their praying and braying in the right places, but neither are those of the jewish religion any less accountable than any other religious hypocrite inside our nations.

The sadder note here is that it was a Hungarian poet who disappeared who illustrates our international dilemma which we forget.

I am not going to provide the link to that real man’s inhumane history. He was shot and dumped into a pit as WWII neared its end. His body was later excavated in the war-crimes’ investigations. In his coat pocket was the last series of poems which he had written.

The record is that the man had converted to christianity well before the Nazis had arrived in Hungary. In contradiction to what he was told to do by friends, he refused to hide that his roots were jewish. In the end, this label had him exterminated along with too many others. In the end, it was communists, atheists, empowered by the gun, who extricated his body, demanded justice for him, against the Germans and then stayed silent as Stalin engaged in a state of holocaust which communists around the world still try to suppress as sad but factual human history.

Will the jew declare that the Hungarian poet died a good ‘jew’? Will the christian declare that he died a good ‘christian’? Will the atheist declare that their guns would have freed the man well before his assassination had our world not fallen into the sin of allowing anyone to be defined as a human target on the basis of religious afflictions?

International law declares that no religious affiliation is just reason for removing ANY base right of ANY person.

And that is the international problem which we are failing to deal with when we allow racists and religiously intolerant men, and women, to gain and then stay in positions of power.

Yes, the State of Israel is justified as a marked geography ‘into eternity’ to remind this planet of what the collective silence of humanity did to people from a specific religion. Yes, there might be a defined period of time when such geography should be defined as a place where those who were denied religious sanctuary in our inhumane human history can, for a period of time, retreat to rebuild psyche and recognition of self-worth. However, in the end, IF the State of Israel is to be deemed in respect of the very international law which they claim to have merit because it came out of the lessons to 1945, then the discriminatory practices now inside their borders, and their repetitive resorting to extreme violence to protect even the illegal expansion of their boundaries by ‘settlers’, must be subject to international legal action.

The same rule applies to the Palestinian. The fact that their religions were borne out of Moses’ escape from the oppression of the pharaohs does not make them lesser than the jew. It is incompetence to international law which results in complete failure for the international community to respect the word ‘equality’, create a peaceful nation for the Palestinian and force that geography to eventually bow to international terms of equality after a justifiable ‘term of mourning and rebuilding’.

BUT, in the end, even Saudi Arabia should be forced by the international community into a legal submission to the international legal reality that their dying king’s defining of ‘atheists’ as ‘terrorists’ is illegal and will not be allowed under international law.

Nations of international incompetence to the term ‘equality’ for women and others are not challenged in 2018 because nations of ‘democracy’ cannot deal with the injustices of their own history within their own borders. This allows racism and oppression to prevail on the excuse that modern economics is ‘the will of some god’.

There will be loud apologies inside Canada’s Parliament on November 7, 2018 but very little noise about why religious rites do not supercede other legal obligations to others, as defined under international law.

But, why is international law made so insignificant? Every day, there is too much growing evidence to the why this happens. However, one report on November 7, one day after that loud bang of ‘democracy’ in America, their ‘mid-term elections’, should be the loud report as to where the problem really lays.

On CBC radio. Same news hour as Trudeau’s hypocritical, loud apology to ‘that jewish religion’. Loud pronouncement that the American Democrats now fear that Donald Trump will go after that ‘Russia involvement in the 2016 election!’ investigator, Robert Mueller. It is identified that Trump had demanded the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a Republican.

Sessions had recused himself from the Russian investigation because of his association with Trump. Buoyed by the fact that he did not lose control of ‘the Senate’, Trump announces on November 7 that he is pleased that Sessions had resigned. Trump was, ‘temporarily’, putting another good Republican, Matthew Whitaker, in Sessions’ former place of power. Overseer of investigations. Against Trump.

Irony that, by 2008, I was challenging ‘journalists’ and citizens with the question as to why the citizens of our nations do not get to vote for the best persons to represent the public’s interest inside any cabinet post. I was also challenging why our institutions of democracy were silent to the option that said cabinet members be assigned a ‘rotating chair’ position, such as Prime Ministerial or Presidential offices for, say, a period of three months. This would protect the principle that no one person should ever see themselves as ‘the omnipotent commander in chief’ while identifying who would be in charge in ‘moments of national or international crisis’.

After 1948, Real Democracy was never to allow the electoral mode become one of selecting ‘the dictator for four years’. It was supposed to allow us the opportunity to share ideas with thoughtful leaders who then reached out to other elected officials to decide what the best strategy would be for the moment, ‘crisis’, even hurricanes, or just ‘a problem’, such as global warming.

But, what detracts us from where the real problem lays in protecting the term ‘equality’ even in our voting systems?

That is illustrated by the third, almost laughable item raised in that CBC radio news broadcast of November 7, 2018 inside that modern conveyance called ‘a car’.

Aw! Pooh l’il Tony Clement! This former, high-flying Minister in the Conservative federal cabinet which ‘ruled!’ before Liberal Justin Trudeau gained power has been derailed by? The same sins which should get Brett Kavanaugh deposed from the American Supreme Court.

Tony is eventually forced out of the federal Conservative Party by his very religious ‘leader’, one Saskatchewan resident called Andrew Scheer. This is because Clement first told Scheer that there was only ‘a one-time occurrence!’ of Clement’s showing of his ‘schlong’ to a ‘supposed woman!’ on the internet. After all, Tony is a ‘married man!’

The allegation becomes that he faced extortion from ‘a supposed woman’ and, hence, had to inform his Conservative buds to save grace. By November 7, the public pronouncement is that ‘married Tony!’ had engaged the internet for his sexual deprivations more than once! A good news generator, this news item!

Evidently, had Tony only fooled around on the internet once, proud family-guy Scheer would have allowed Clement his indiscretion. But married man meeting many miscellaneous women on-line and in person many times while married!?! As the saying goes, too big a bag of bones for the Conservative ‘family men and women!’ to allow to be seen swinging in their Parliamentary gallery.

So, by the date of this long blog’s final drafting, Clement has been hustled off to the State of Independence inside Canada’s Parliament. You might want to visit ‘journalist’ Bill Kelly’s commentary at: https://globalnews.ca/news/4642774/tony-clement-sexting-scandal/ to understand why there should be no sadness for Clement when it comes to the issue of leadership and Clement’s fall from grace.

What is both enlightening, from the aspect of those who use gained position to engage in sating their own human weaknesses, but also hypocritical here, in the arrogant ‘journalists’ similar dereliction of duty when it comes to these kinds of stories, is the continuing tendency for ‘the media’ to focus in on ‘the news item’ which ‘will sell easiest’.

Wrote Bill Kelly on the morning of November 8, the day after I heard this ‘news’ first reported: “… The best way to avoid being compromised is to not put yourself in a compromising position.

As a public figure, Clement will be judged in the often merciless court of public opinion, but more importantly, he must answer to his family and his peers.

As a veteran politician and a member of the parliamentary national security committee, he was well aware of the ramifications of such abhorrent behaviour.

There should be no tears shed for the apparent demise of Tony Clement’s political career.

He is yet another public figure who is faced with the stark reality that they too, must live with the consequences of their actions. …”.

“The consequences of their actions”?

Why does our media rush in at prestigious people like Clement when it comes to ‘sex!’ but then fall silent to the bigger sin? Why does our ‘journalism’ fall back on the scandal of Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual abuse and then fail the public evidence which appears before us on a daily basis?

It is time for the public to stop allowing the money-making ‘journalists’ to direct where our focus should be: It should be on the institution which allows the abuse of women and children and the oppressed of our societies to continue because the abuse of our institutions of justice has become an incipient rot which WE need to end.

The journalists? Why my contempt for them?

Tony Clement is trained as ‘a lawyer’.

By November 2002, I had garnered the evidence that Mr. Clement, as then Minister of Health in the Ontario government, had joined the other members of that provincial Conservative cabinet to design new rules about Ontario’s application of justice for the poor. I was defined as ‘self-employed’. I had been made poor by partisan shenanigans throughout that year. I was told that I would gain no ‘free access’ into Canada’s courts.

This was because Conservative lawyer Clement and his ‘legal friends’ did not give a hoot about Canada’s constitution, protecting the term ‘equal under the law’, much less international law. Clement’s cohorts engaged in this design of new laws, as Hitler’s henchmen had undertaken. To ‘exclude’ select individuals from impartial justice was their god-given right because ‘they had been elected!’

I notified the media, starting in February 2003, about the violations of my and, hence, others rights. I asked them to appear inside my courtrooms to observe what was happening inside Canada’s courts. Throughout what is now a 15 year journey, not once did one journalist show up in any of the court rooms I attended. I was not a ‘legal expert’. I was just an idiot citizen who dared to quote sections of the law.

And warn the high and mighty, before and after my politicized arrest of 2004.

My warnings of 2003 included Toronto’s financial district’s Belle of the Ball, a Conservative lawyer named Ernie Eves. The media stayed silent to the fact that lawyer Eves had been promoted to the position of Ontario’s Premier via donations from rich bankers and, yes, even ‘that proud of it!’ jew, Peter Munk.

Clement had lost that same ‘leadership race’ but became a loyal signatory to the ‘new laws!’ of the Conservatives. Clement, as with the Nazis of 1933, became a loyal partisan in a modern partisan faction which stripped away my, and others, rights to impartial and accessible justice. Munk, the Canadian citizen, survived because Canadian soldiers died in Europe after 1939, apparently to end this very thing from happening again, gave and then chose silence to the legal precedent set by an Oskar Schindler who escaped trial for enslaving jews only because he saved a handful: WHEN the violation of international law is exposed, the donor to those who do this has a special obligation to ensure that they are not sponsors of this illegal activity.

Matters not if it is the Don MacAlpine who is impoverished because he dares to challenge partisans in prominent positions.

Matters not if it is the indigenous person of Canada who has seen legal contracts, ‘peace treaties’, promising equality, be squashed to the benefit of white racists of all religions.

Matters not if it is the woman who was attacked by partisan Tony Clement or partisan Brett Kavanaugh to then face the indictment that they are liars by persons in powerful places, who are already exposed as being in a perpetual state of lying.

Matters not what the isolated incident is which violates the term ‘equality!’ as set in international law. Matters that international law has no significance inside our nations, any more.

Take it back to Barack Obama’s assassination of Osama bin Laden. Take it back to open criticism of Obama from that astute ‘Nuremberg trial (lawyer)’, Ben Ferencz in 2011. Take it to Ferencz’s current web page whose motto is “Law not War” ( http://www.benferencz.org/ ).

Despite my appeals to ‘the media’, the ‘journalists’ ignored that these things which lawyers Clement and Eves, and then Liberal lawyer and Prime Minister Paul Martin, did were in violation of LEGAL CONDITIONS set down by 1948.

In short, the ‘journalist’ stayed away from Canada’s court rooms along every step of the way in my battle to stop this incipient rot of our international promises of 1948. Will the ‘journalists’ of today step up to act like responsible citizens inside an important institution of any real democracy?

The real question becomes when the citizens will realize that it is time to stop relying on directions from a long-conflicted ‘media’ as to what we can and should do when it comes to these situations we face, internationally, in 2018.

We do not need the support of tainted ‘legal officials’ to prove anything when it comes to the violations of international law which prevail in every nation around this planet. The public evidence is too rampant. International law has been made irrelevant by the rich and the elitists, before and continuing into 2018.

We are now into seven decades of partisan abuse of our courts and institutions of governance.

We are back to 1929. WE need to realize that WE have to use the law to ensure that the laws of 1948 are used to make the violators of those 1948 laws accountable to them.

WE need to stop living in fear. WE need to stop focussing in on the popular notion that ‘anti-Semitism’ is on the rise and, instead, remember that allowing the violation of the rights of only one, jew or not, eventually leads to violence outside our own doors.

Yes, it is about the fear that arises inside a theatre when a drunken man engages in disorderly conduct, salutes and shouts ‘Hiel Hitler! Hiel Trump!’ ( https://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/baltimore-city/bs-md-ci-hippodrome-20181114-story.html ). So what if the man issues intense public apologies hours later. The question should become why the man is not charged with disorderly conduct, at minimum, to warn the public that even drunken behaviour, supposedly meant to indict Trump as a modern Nazi inside a ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ presentation, is unacceptable. Especially when it instills fear inside a nation which allows fear to reign over how it reacts to everything around the world.

Yes, it is in the hypocrisy of the public outcry against a picture of white high school graduates giving a Nazi salute outside a court room inside the State of Wisconsin ( https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/huppke/ct-met-wisconsin-nazi-salute-wave-huppke-20181113-story,amp.html ). It is the silence to the fact that even ‘northern states’ were hotbeds for the KKK and Nazi sympathizers even as Hitler screeched louder and louder while America and Canada refused jews trying to escape this kind of thing by 1939. It is the hypocritical presentation by the American media, that simply exposing the wrong of this in a few media outlets will remove where the problem really lays: inside courtrooms which refuse to protect the legal obligation to protect all from those who force their public opinions on us: that one race, another’s religion is superior to anyone else’s.

In our daily, public living, yes, a columnist’s satire about the Wisconsin issue has merit in the education of the public to why this is unacceptable behaviour, anywhere (https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/huppke/ct-met-wisconsin-nazi-salute-wave-huppke-20181113-story,amp.html ). However, the fact remains that journalists seem collectively incompetent to discussing why expressing the public opinion that others can be defined as lesser human beings, on the basis of any human factor, is illegal in the first place.

Do we arrest the teens? Or do we start with the Presidents and Prime Ministers where all of this illegal conduct continues into 2018?

The answer to why our nations are incompetent to this legal responsibility is hidden in the satire of comedians who mimic Jon Stewart. A Dutch commentary on the problem with Americans making the gun superior to the rights of others ends by astutely noting that it is time that Americans fired fewer guns and fired more people in the American Congress: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/9/16448302/mass-shootings-guns-nra-sunday-lubach .

However, that Dutch satirist had already exposed, in his previous commentary of 2017, where the real problem lays in our failure to stand up against racists and the guns which they carry. He did so during a debate in Holland in 2017 about their annual tradition about ‘Black Pete’.

If you have time to find the version with English subtitles, carefully read the subtitles of this Dutch commentary. The version which I had watched on November 14 came by linking to the next video proposed at Youtube. I could find the Dutch language version with English subtitles at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjosGL5YwPw on November 21.

This video is, ironically, a presentation of the big issue inside Holland as the 2017 christmas season approached. Holland’s traditional portrayal of Black Pete was under attack. The number of Dutch ‘leaders’ who stood up and demanded that ‘our culture!’ and ‘our traditions!’ be protected is the insidious indicator of where the base failure of humanity prevails into 2018.

The failure of the American and the Canadian and every other citizen of this world to protect international law is protected by what? An insistence that tradition must prevail over the lessons to 1945 and over the laws of 1948.

It is very convenient to declare that the British and Dutch and every other monarchy around the planet is ‘a tradition’ protected by old British, and Canadian and Australian and … laws. It is as convenient for the American to shout that their traditional laws required that their Presidents be born inside America and have a birth certificate to prove it.

It is very convenient to have courts in all of these nations filled with ‘traditionalists’ who swear oaths of allegiance to a woman of ‘special genetics’ or a ‘commander-in-chief’ who is allowed only because some unfortunate woman was impregnated on and spewed out a ‘child of the American god’ onto American soil.

Tradition has been the bane of advance in all of our societies. When ‘tradition’ bans the legitimacy of the laws made because of the lessons to 1945, international law makes it illegal conduct. Indeed, America and Britain and Canada and so on can be charged with allowing unfettered racism while other nations, who claim so loudly to be so moral and democratic, become guilty of aiding and abetting this international racism. Through their silence to international law.

Contrary to the situation of 1914 where backroom ‘diplomacy’ led to war, freed speech is to raise the spectre of violations of international law so that the violations are stopped before they accelerate to the level of violence which this world has witnessed too many times before. Cambodia, Serbia and Rwanda fester inside our nations because there is too much silence to the illegality of the oppression of the term ‘equal’ by positioned partisans in powerful places.

However, since the ‘journalists’ choose to always make the failures of America the main subject of their news in recent months, let us use that nation as the summary example to how modern news fails to deal with the role of tradition in the protection of international law.

The conscientious citizen should already know the story of Dalton Trumbo. Hollywood-film-writer he, and those Hollywood 10, went to jail because they refused to cooperate with a ‘just process’. Started in 1938, the American patriots intended to rout out the communists inside Hollywood’s theatrical community in the 1950’s. Trumbo went to jail after his Democrat aligned lawyers assured him and his friends that they would not, why?

Initially, Trumbo’s legal friends were smug because the American Supreme Court had five Democrat ‘judges’ versus four Republicans. It was the Republicans who had eagerly jumped onto the band wagon of shrill communist-hater, Senator Joseph McCarthy. Yes, Trumbo eventually went to jail after refusing to reveal his communist inclinations in front of another infamous American ‘committee’, the HUAC, House Un-American Activities Committee.

However, this jailing did not happen until after the dying Democrats in the Supreme Court of the USA were replaced by Republican sympathisers ( http://law.jrank.org/pages/3010/Hollywood-Ten-Trials-1948-50-Supreme-Court-Refuses-Review.html ).

That should be the base lesson to all of us.

Justice is NOT about anyone being forced to wait for the right partisan to ‘win the vote’ so that the ‘right partisan’ then becomes the overseer for any issue about ‘justice’. It is, therefore, complete and ILLEGAL nonsense that Americans see the win of control, by Democrats inside the American Congress in the fall of 2018, as the first step to exposing the truths behind the issues of an election which was supposedly impacted by the Russians. Or to exposing if Trump manipulated the processes of international investigation to ensure that his Saudi friends had time to plant and protect their own story in the murder of a journalist.

The murder of impartial justice, internationally, is the real story which is not being reported here.

The heartbreak of another woman of courage leads us back to where the problem really lays in all of this. From that Trump ‘should not pave way for cover-up’ of Jamal Khashoggi’s death report by The Independent: Khashoggi’s grieving fiancee states what the world should begin to engage in all issues of injustice: “… ‘Let’s not let money taint our conscience and compromise our values’, Hatice Cengiz says at London memorial …”.

Our conscience? Our values?

On November 13, 2018, immediately after watching that MSNBC Youtube clip and that astute journalist’s commentary on the August 9, 2018 killing of 29 innocent children in Yemen, I noted that another interesting video was available for me. Turns out it was a Youtube broadcast of an Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reporter’s, Antonia Yamin’s interview with “… Elizabeth Kalhammer (who) is now a 92 year old woman yet she has a secret story in her past. She used to work at Hitler’s private estate from 1943 to 1945 …”. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bqBiu45onyY ) .

That video has 3,244,920 views on November 13, 2018. It was posted on December 14, 2016.

She is now 94. Ben Ferencz is now 97. Survivors, witnesses to the atrocities to 1945.

The elderly lady is honest in the interview. She admits that she still retains a certain pride for having served Hitler. After all, when the servants at that mountain retreat entered any nearby village for lunch or an excursion outside that Austrian villa, the handmaidens were given special treatment.

In the end, she admits that she fled back to the family home as Hitler fled his villa for his last days in Berlin. In the end, she admits that her family fed a few of the starving who were released from a nearby concentration camp which her family ‘knew nothing about’.

In the end, the interviewer concludes, it was easy for silence about the injustice to prevail until 1945. Until the bombs were outside the door. Until the freed starving were outside the door.

In the end, what is our own responsibility given these lessons?

It is to stand against the murder of children in distant lands as well as the murder of a journalist.

It is to ask why a distant ‘Canadian dissident’ writes about the pending injustice behind another possible eviction inside just another small town in Canada.

It is to take the opportunity of lessons learned by one distant Canadian to understand how we peacefully end this incompetence inside ‘democracies’ which are in repetitive violation of international law.

Instead of nations demanding that free speech be allowed inside the nations which they are doing business with, the incipient rot is that espionage must be undertaken because no nation can be deemed trustworthy. No nation expresses a condition that any business arrangement with another nation must have primary intent to protect the truth, at all times.

Protect the truth. ‘Democracies’ and their repetitive record in this? Merchants of Doubt. A dying America. Yes, I urge you to take the time to visit that one-hour interview with journalist, Christopher Hedges. There are some ethical journalists in the world and many more who are starting to try harder.

Yes, I view Christiane Amanpour’s honesty to her view on the ‘bean counters’ and their control of media giants like CNN as an indicator that even some credible journalists know that the truth is suffering miserably inside the nations of ‘democracy’. BUT it is time for the world, even of ‘journalism’, to listen to Christopher Hedges’ warnings about the bigger problem we will face IF the citizens do not awaken from their lethargy and make democracy the accountable protectorate of truth that it was intended to be.

I witnessed the demise of Canada’s forests under the control of larger and larger corporations with their fewer and fewer ‘winners’ in the allocation of greed gained from this planet’s rich resources. I believe that there is an intelligence in most of the humans on this planet that can be used in a positive way to take our societies off of this dangerous ledge we are perched on at this time in our human history.

It is time for our nations’ citizenries to awaken to the individual responsibility. We must all take peaceful measures to ensure that our institutions of justice become primary protectorates of the truth, not the manipulators which conflicted partisans have made them.

When the citizenry recognizes the role of our corrupted ‘journalism’ and their failure in exposing the mechanism which suppresses the truths of science, to the peril of persons in places already suffering the realities of this warming planet, then real democracy will start to come to fruition.

The word ‘truth’ is made irrelevant in our personal responsibilities to think of the future, near and distant? There are deeper lessons in that American election of 2018 which we need to start to listen to.

In 1982, I was a forest scientist, aware of the truths behind what would happen within two decades if Canada’s governments did not deal with the abuse of our forests by the very few who became richer and richer as forests disappeared. As science predicted, twenty years after that warning was made, our ‘democratic’ system failed the populace which was promised ‘sustainable forests’.

The Provinces of Canada are still not honest to the aftermath of the denial, denial, denial by all partisan factions who were elected and failed the common people of this nation, miserably.

In 1989, I was first exposed to the science of global warming. In that year, I was warned that we had a maximum of 80 years to start to deal with the abuse of our atmosphere or the generations to come would be dealing with the dire consequences. We are nearing 30 years from those initial predictions which I had heard.

Americans stay blind to the message behind two significant hurricanes rolling over their eastern geography in 2018. Trump will blame bad forest management on the rash of fires, killing more and more people in California in 2018 ( https://www.vox.com/energy-and-environment/2018/11/10/18082282/trump-blames-california-wildfires-forest-management-climate-change ). These climate-induced events were predicted to increase decades ago. I first tuned into these warnings as a forest scientist in 1989.

There are too many signals in the American election of 2018 which should lead us to understand why the reasonable debate of real democracy, guided by real leadership, not by arrogant rulers, has been failed. Citizens of all nations need to awaken to the deeper dangers behind what happens when Merchants of Doubt are allowed to rule our nations.

It is, yes, in the comments made by an arrogant President when a ‘judge’ in Montana overturns Trump’s demands for speedy building of a pipeline from Canada through Montana.

Reports the New York Times on November 9, 2018 ( https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/09/climate/judge-blocks-keystone-pipeline.html ): “… The decision could thrust the White House into a contentious new legal battle over climate change.

The judge’s finding quickly drew fire from Mr. Trump, who has elevated the pipeline as a prominent symbol of his administration’s effort to encourage fossil fuel use. “It was a political decision made by a judge,” said Mr. Trump on Friday, speaking to reporters at the White House. “I think it’s a disgrace.” …”.

And, yes, it is ‘a disgrace’ because? “… Judge (Brian) Morris, an Obama appointee, didn’t respond to a request for comment on the president’s remarks. …” says the same news report.

It takes a ‘Democrat’ ‘judge’ to define environmental responsibility in what is to be impartial courts?

It takes a Republican appointee, charged with sexual assaults against the rights of women, Brett Kavanaugh, to be in a position of power to rule on such things in the big game of what we are collectively doing to this planet?

It is our silence to this partisan game of manipulation in the institutions of ‘protection of the truth’ which fail to ensure any protection of the truth, even in science. Protecting the truth is paramount to making any democracy credible. When do the citizens start to demand that these institutions meet the legal conditions of accessibility and impartiality so that we know that the truth is indeed paramount?

That exercise of influence inside our judicial institutions is more than just a threat to the oppressed of today. It is, as Christopher Hedges said, a dangerous condition which threatens, potentially, the survival of vast populations of the human species, if not the human species itself.

If democracy is to be the best vehicle for protecting the truth and, hence, the best highway to responsible leadership, then we need to deal with the instrument of democracy whose first legal duty is upholding the truth.

That institution is impartial courts.

We stop all of this corruption by taking the lessons of the oppressed, including my own, and the public evidence already before us: that our courts are now discredited because of their politicization by partisans all.

I hope that the citizen of conscience will take the time to read and educate themselves to understand why, yes, the first small step will be in aiding me to fight back at the partisans who would evict me before I have achieved the impartial justice which I have been seeking since 2003. I hope that this private forum builds into a public avenue where citizens of conscience can come together to understand what my situation, in parallel with others, means in the denial of rights for all of us, even inside our farcical institutions of ‘the vote’.

It is time for citizens to make a peaceful, law-abiding stand before the manipulations of men ane women mimicking Hitler and the incompetence after 1930 lead us back into the realms of violence which the lessons of such history should allow us to avoid.

It will not be avoided until common citizens of conscience make the lawful stand against all violations of our rights, not just mine.

[I wrote into my November 6 blog the first steps towards achieving credible democracies, before and after any corrupted election. After I gain the education of experts to teach me to provide links to the relevant laws and other sections of the essays being provided here, I hope to have a link which will rapidly lead the reader to the applicable part of the November 6 blog… For now, if you want to revisit that, it is on the last page of that long blog … thank you for your patience….]

Generating Real Democracy: How our ‘democracies’, ‘the vote’ and our institutions of ‘justice’ have been made irrelevant by partisan entrenchment. What we need to do about it.