My Mourning rant: Why the silence ‘journalists’?
February 18, 2019

Originally emailed to: international letters at The Guardian, to letters at Toronto’s Globe and Mail, and to letters at Harrowsmith Magazine, (the Canadian magazine which put a painted image of my face on the front of their November 1983 issue as I fought to get my job as a forest scientist back, The German internet newspaper which claims to be ‘internationally interested: (leserbriefe at Zeit), and the Cdn (Canadian) Civil Liberties Ass’n (Association), an organization full of partisan lawyers of all kinds which I started to ask, as far back as 2003, to get the partisan influences out of our courts and voting institutions);
And copied (BCC. By Blind Copy) to a few Canadian and American citizens whom I have gained some respect for.

The posting which follows has had minor corrections made from the email version to make better clarity and correct minor grammatical errors. For the lazy Americans and the overly enthused English linguists, I use the Canadian editing tools when creating these things and I do take advantage of the contrariness between the language pundits of these two unworldly, (and totally undemocratic) ‘super powers’) to write more freely in abuse of the ‘English language’ than some snobs of language would allow…. hence, if you believe in free speech, suffer the vulgarities of my unstylish ‘style’, below:

Great… distant ‘journalism’, like the British Isle’s internet newspaper, The Guardian, finally puts up one article about the costs of ‘climate change’. It appears among the plethora of titillating ‘interest items’ posted on other mass media….

BUT, when ALL OF US read through such ‘reports’ and see that the Republican-dominated American Senate is the last place of ‘American Democracy’ which is not passing ‘that law’ requiring that real estate agents disclose ‘flooding threats’ in areas where ‘real estate values continue to grow’, WHERE are the JOURNALISTS who investigate, ask and then suggest that democratic citizenry should CHARGE those rich investors who sponsor the propaganda of the partisan who commits FRAUD and hides THE TRUTH from the public for the sake of short term profiteering???..

Florida alone is projected to have multi BILLION real estate losses as the realities of global warming arrive… Governments gather at ‘economic summits’ and not ONE OF THEM presents the NEGATIVE GROWTH which climate change WILL force upon ALL OF US…. and it is NOT just Florida….

I am in a province where the STUPID of Canada moan about highs of -12 (Celsius…. piss off metric lazy Americans) for long periods of time, when -30 for long periods of time, were not uncommon, AND WHERE, in the mere 8 years of my living here, I have watched locals whine about having to shovel 2 inches (5 cm.) of snow in recent snow falls, a sharp decline from what I had to shovel when I first arrived in this province of GRAIN and ‘prairie agriculture profits’, whose governing officials still wish that oil would go to $1.50 per litre (no, I ain’t gonna provide the Americahhhnn Gahhhllllhon equivalent!). Saskatchewan apparently NEEDS OIL!, so that the pooh, stahvin’ fahmahs can sit back in their lawn chairs and sip beers in the sun around their empty pools (naw, they would truck in watah so their ‘hot babes’ could still take off their string bikinis and dive in) while they and the right sponsors of all of this get fat and lazy watching ‘their oil wells’, like those oil barons of Dubai and Arabia while… stupidity reigns in the journalism which does not DARE to ask WHO IS BRIBING (‘Sponsorship of elected persons’ who then deny the right of the rest of us our legal right to a good life on a healthy planet IS a criminal ‘exercise of influence’ IN CANADA when it comes to elected officials propping up the artificially rich on the backs of the enslaved poor while 15-year- olds from Scandinavia are the only brave among our populace who declare that journalists are stupid not to have DAILY reports like this one about Florida’s lies and manipulation, ON OUR FRONT PAGES every day of the year until THE HONESTY appears…. and journalists start challenging ‘partisan judges” inside our courts, where citizens begin laying CHARGES OF REAL ESTATE FRAUD AND MISREPRESENTATION against these deviants AND, that journalists note that complaining citizens should NOT have to face the appointees of Barack Obama who will declare that Obama CAN and should enslave the poor to pay taxes to save those ‘pooh financi-aihhhs!’ who need to show that ‘free enterprise’ is the right for a very few to ‘get rich!’ as fast as one can today so that ‘their good Christian! kiddies’ can be flown by helicopter out of the angry mobs of Haiti where the poor arise and say NO MORE to these artificial appointments of CORRUPTION which ‘journalists’ will eagerly brand as ‘democracy’ as the real LAWS OF DEMOCRACY disappear into this nonsense, this repetitive fraud that WE, THE PEOPLE HAVE NO POWER under THE LAW and the ‘journalists’ play the good game of the rich by declaring that lawful enforcement against all of the lying must be subjected to our CRIMINALIZED, partisan-filled courts which the stupid journalists cannot, or are afraid to define as BEING NO DIFFERENT than the ‘friend-filled’ courts of the dictators AND MURDERERS from the past history of our world!

OH, CANADIANS! Will you awaken to the breathless anger behind this diatribe and come to understand that THE POWER is in EXPOSING the vast criminality of our ‘voting’ systems which are CRIMINALIZED, and that we MUST finally demand that WE be granted the vote’s LEGAL DUTY to allow freed voices for ALL OF US, instead of these farces which partisan ‘judges’ will then declare as ‘legal’ because the partisan-friends’ ‘judge’ will say that we should submit to the elitist partisan’s ‘rule of law’….????

Family day, Saskatchewan… it is barely a week when a frozen pipe burst in a friend’s dirt, prairie basement. 6 inches of water in dirt. Do y’all think, in flood prone, salty-streeted Florida, that this water would have been gone in six hours? Drained into the drought-soaked prairie soils of this sad province of Canada, a once ‘wheat rich’ part of Canada where, last year, farmer’s prayed for rain and where the current 10″ (25 cm.) of (city-folk’s unwanted) snow will melt into less than 2 inches of water and go where? Into the sponge of dehydrated acres which the STUPID JOURNALISTS will NOT make warning headlines of because?????

My morning rant? No, my mourning rant for the loss of democracy inside our states of ‘journalism’ and ‘justice’.

Will Canadians arise in 2019 to STAND UP AGAINST ALL OF THIS and set an example as to what responsible democracy is?

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Generating Real Democracy: How our ‘democracies’, ‘the vote’ and our institutions of ‘justice’ have been made irrelevant by partisan entrenchment. What we need to do about it.