Taxes and Death: Our Ignorance of Human History

A purposeful posting. This one. This date.

We are two months away from when the partisans of Canada, and perhaps others, will make large noises about ‘Remembrance Day’.

I tire.

I tire of the number of times when I must stand up and defend my stubborn refusal to pay property taxes in small towns where partisans oversee my right to property and documentation and dissent. And then deny that they, elected officials, have any legal duty to protect each and every citizen under international law, especially because of the world’s history to 1945.

‘Legal professionals’ paying money to partisans to register allegiances with those partisans.

And then being selected by the partisans, who finally gain power, as ‘judges’.

Meanwhile, the silence reigns about the ‘policing profession’ playing the same game of registration to select officials. Police salaries being slid through their ‘unions/associations’ to select partisans. Cops, then eagerly fulfilling the orders of those partisans, no matter what international law commands.

Read this web page in its full to understand why this corruption has made our democracies irrelevant in 2018. Read. Heed. And start to understand. Why all of this takes us back, irresponsibly, to 1929.

But, for god’s sake, stop haranguing me about ‘you should just pay your taxes’!

Yes, this blog is in reaction to another truly motivated Canadian who engaged in short conversation via email with me. That person did take the time to visit this web page and to “visit parts of it”.

So, the sin of our societies came at me in a form of communication which said, and I quote directly from the email while not revealing its source: “… Just a note on taxes…my opinion, but I think you are making a mistake by not paying them…case in point….a big heritage house next to me in (one province’s town) had a dispute with the town and didn’t pay their taxes, they sold 10 years later…and 10 years worth of taxes came off before they received the balance!!! I always think of it as a type of savings plan…I have no choice…they must be paid…so the positive side is looking at our streets, schools, etc. If I have a problem with how my taxes are being utilized…I’ll go to every meeting and be heard…not paying them is not the answer, in my opinion….it’s like not voting. If I don’t vote, I don’t feel that I have the right to criticize., I vote, I pay my taxes and I let my opinions be heard. Here in BC, we get a Homeowner’s grant…so, I get around $1000 paid towards my tax bill…works for me!!! …”.


‘I have no choice! They must be paid!’?


The steep irony of international naivete is that, in 2011, I began to date a lovely lady who was originally from India. That lady claimed to be fully understanding and supportive of my position, my stance against injustice in every sector of our society. After all, she had read my drafted, rare, self-published book of February 2011, Just Business. We began communicating that summer and dating in September. A whirl-wind ride of the euphoria of finding love again began to spiral downward barely a month later.

The lovely lady, a resident of the large city of Toronto, revealed that she had sponsored the Liberal faction in a provincial election in Ontario that fall of 2011. I was devastated. She was donating to the very faction whose ‘leaders’, ‘rulers’ is a better word, had ordered my arrest in 2004. Because I dared to dissent. About my nation’s violation of international law. And its own Criminal Code. And Constitution.

“It is the system we have!”, she loudly declared and raced into the voting booths. She had to ‘use her vote’ and her tax-deductible money so that ‘a worse guy’ would not become Ontario’s Premier.

Her Party did win. The international lesson to how irresponsible this kind of behaviour was disappeared from her daily agenda. She made it clear that she had worked hard to gain a comfortable position in Canada’s society and that this was all that she cared about.

When it came to tax-paid officials, policing officers included, sliding part of their tax-extracted salaries back into the pockets of partisans who had stripped away the legal duties set down in international law? It became irrelevant to her, despite her loud pronouncements in the summer of 2011 that I had been so wronged.

I began to wonder if it was just a tactic to ‘get into my pants’. The relationship did remain good, sexually, but began to decline in the more important avenues and responsibilities of living.

Given those lessons to 1945 where the silence of lovers led to mass executions and silence in the graves of inhumanity, I expected and expect better. I am able to retreat to write and return to a real residence of love in 2018 which gives me the personal peace to be able to engage in trying to change the world as I also try to balance my life.

I can only hope that the rule of law, not the rules of partisan lawyers, will lead this planet out of its current state of chaos and into the same peace which can come despite ‘differences in beliefs’..

Oh, read about all of that ‘law stuff’ later at this web site as I finalize those sections of the worldly lessons learned when I was forced to become my ‘own lawyer’ to try to end the abuses of power and position against my rights, which are really also yours.

What becomes relevant in this debate about ‘Don should just pay his taxes!’ is the stupidity of that base statement.

Oh, that Canadian-Indian lover of mine eventually left my realm of hope. We agreed to become ‘just friends’, partly because of the distances involved when I moved out of Ontario to a province that was two provinces away from Toronto. It was, however, her blatant naivete about the history of her very Gandhi, of whom she was justifiably proud, which eventually led to a suspension of even that ‘friendship’.

Gandhi’s movement for justice in India, and around our world, did not gain momentum until the Salt Marches began. Gandhi led a revolt by the people against a British tax imposed on salt production in an era when many East Indians were just struggling, as they do today, to survive.

So, as my situation in regard to my singular tax revolt in the Conservative domineered town of Nipigon, Ontario came to a head in 2016, I asked this fair lady, still a supposed friend despite our ‘partisan differences’, to distribute some literature I had prepared. I had prepared brochures for public distribution. They were arguing why it was critical that people educate themselves to why I was in a ‘tax revolt’. And why the proposed, and eventual, stripping away of my property and documents in Nipigon, Ontario in 2016, was a repeat of what Anne Frank’s generation had faced inside Nazifried, partisan-entrenched Europe by 1936.

Oh, the lovely lady from India came back in 2016 crowing with great pleasure! Her position had, after all, been confirmed!

She had, she informed me, indeed gone to a social gathering of her ‘friends’. She admitted that a large contingent of them were immigrants from India. She eventually admitted that she had NOT given even one of them a copy of the summary documents I had asked her to pass around.

She had simply asked the round of friends one question.

‘I have a friend who is refusing to pay his property taxes! What do you think if the town (of Nipigon, Ontario) is threatening to take his property away?’

She informed me, with seeming great pleasure, that the ‘unanimous response’, from a room where many came from that native nation of Gandhi’s, was that ‘He should pay his taxes! We must all pay taxes!’

Wonder not why my response to her was furious and that the ‘friendship’ essentially ended.

True friends do not make uneducated decisions. True citizens of democracy DO NOT dismiss the history to 1945 which led to LAWS which forbid the abuse of our taxes and voting processes, to the point that the word ‘justice’ is made irrelevant.

So, if you, the reader, are even thinking of using the phrase, ‘Just pay your taxes!’ against me, then I will say the same thing I said to another fair citizen of 2018 who is clearly of basic good morals but who, like my ‘immigrant lover’ was, is misguided in what democratic duty is.

I simply extract and refine what I wrote back to that distant person in recent days: “… We, a planet of nations, need to first come to grand clarity about the depravity of our ‘the vote and taxes!’ naivete. Enough human history abounds outside our doors (especially to 1945) about what happens when the citizens do not stand against the corruption inside our courts and institutions of democracy. When we blithely allow ‘our taxes’ to become instruments of oppression against first our neighbours, they eventually are used against even us.

I am here to take a stand on issues which will take a lot of time to explain to any citizen as to why I am so motivated.

This (web page’s) goal is to grow an understanding to why the proud pronouncement that “I vote!” is the biggest farce in our history. Look where it got Germany by 1933 (Hitler), America in 2016 (Donald Trump) and Ontario in 2018 (Doug Ford).

When the system is corrupted by partisan manipulations, then we should stand. When ‘we’ will not, then the singular individual, who knows that partisans in judicial positions protecting partisans who abuse ‘the vote’ is the epitome of a return of this globe to 1929, must have the courage to stand. …”.

When the dissenting individual has rights to impartial AND accessible justice first stripped away by partisans of all stripes (moi, 2002). When partisans in elected positions, in ALL levels of ‘government’, refuse to enforce international law to protect only one citizen (moi, since 2003). When courts are filled with friends of partisans, and are paid by taxes that also pay the salaries of elected partisan officials (evidence collected by moi since 1982). When a Conservative Mayor of a town in Ontario goes to partisan-filled courts to gain orders to strip away the property of a dissenting citizen who refuses to bow to this criminal activity (2016). When my refusal to pay property taxes becomes an excuse for a Conservative, and complicit Liberals and socialist New Democrats, to make my documentation from even before 1982 disappear (2016).

Then wonder not why I cite the new laws of 1948 which came out of the circumstances of persons like Anne Frank, whose sad era of human record became that the ultimate penalty of ‘taxation’ for the dissenting citizen became summary execution if they even dared to dissent against the forced taxation which expanded out to the arbitrary removal of property and rights, even to impartial justice.

Yes, my breathless writing, again. Slow down and read that long sentence again before I am sentenced to the silence which Anne Frank’s generation irresponsibly faced.

WE have the lessons. WE have NO EXCUSES!

By 1939, partisans were defining who would and would not have access to justice.

Read this web page. In 2002, I exposed, and warned even ‘journalists’, that Ontario’s highest elected lawyer, a Conservative Premier named Ernie Eves, had designed ‘new laws’ which stripped away the rights of poor citizens and of even hard-working citizens defined as ‘self-employed’. A violation of Canadian and international law.

By 1939, partisans across Europe were rapidly defining systems of increased taxation which removed money from the banks of select individuals. Eventually it became a deliberate mechanism for the removal of property.

Even for persons who were not ‘jewish’ but who dared to dissent.

By 2016, Conservative ‘leaders’ in the small town of Nipigon, Ontario, were threatening to remove my rights to property, and my decades of documented dissent against partisan corruption inside Canadian society. I was, first, made poor by the reconstruction of Canadian laws so that the violation of international law had become rampant. I dared to stand. My documents and properties became the target of Conservative, and other partisan, overseers in both the town of Nipigon, Ontario and the town of Wolseley, Saskatchewan, in 2016.

Not 1944 Europe. Canada. 2016.

By 1944, the removal of property accelerated to the removal of citizens across most of Europe. We weep and moan about the example of Anne Frank. Motivated by a radio broadcast from Dutch officials hiding out in England, urging the citizens of Holland to make a diary record of the injustices they were facing and witnessing, Frank’s own inhumane record almost disappeared. When she and her family were wrenched out of her last sense of property, small security in a partisan-crazed Europe, the record is that Nazi boots trampled over her diary.

That human record, that documentation almost disappeared.

Who is asking Conservative ‘Reeve’ of Nipigon, Ontario, Richard Harvey, where my diaries, scientific records and even legal court documentation have disappeared to?

By 2016, Canada’s partisan-filled courts became an instrument for the Conservative ‘Mayor’ of Nipigon, Ontario, to forcibly take over my Nipigon property. That property, which I was too poor to access to remove documents that had been safe there for 5 years, disappeared in 2016.

Anne Frank’s diary disappeared. We weep over the disappearance of legions of people and their personal stories by 1945. Documents, which would have made monumental evidence to bring those responsible to trial, were first ‘disappeared’..

WE forget that NONE OF THIS would have happened IF one impartial court room, one impartial elected official had dared to stand against this when it first happened to ONLY ONE CITIZEN, to THEN be backed by hordes of conscientious citizens who dared to stand against discrimination of any kind.

Do not wonder why, in this Canadian town of Wolseley, Saskatchewan, I make a ‘tax stand’ in a province where the Liberal and Conservative factions have combined to enforce a rule of state where Saskatchewan Party (a convenient combination of the former provincial Liberal and Conservative factions) ‘judges’ sit in judgement of the proposed repeat of violations of my base human rights by elected, partisan Wolseley officials, because ‘the precedent has been set in Ontario!’

Do NOT demand that I ‘just pay my taxes’!

I hope that you, the readers, do not view this as endless, stern lecturing of you but as a wish to inform you that there is too much naivete in a world where ‘pay your taxes!’ and ‘vote!’ is seen as real democracy when it is not. It is time that those persons who believe that they do have social conscience get involved in things that can make a difference for generations to come.

Oh, today it may be simpler for you, the ‘citizen of supposed conscience’, to naively walk into voting halls to mark your ‘X’. The reality is that it will be YOUR naivete which leads to institutions of ‘governance’ which continue to oppress the truths and ‘lead’ us down a path of: repetitive oppression of the truth, scientific and otherwise; suppression of the real rule of law via partisans who make the law of partisans the ‘new law!’ while international law, even national laws, are violated and ignored; and, denial of impartial and accessible justice for the oppressed and the dissenting citizen.

Legions of citizens need to wake up to the fact that this will, unfortunately, lead generations to come into a necessity to deal with dire ecological consequences which are being created because all of this comes back to suppression of the truth, even scientific ones, via partisan manipulations.

This happens simply because too many believe that paying our taxes and voting are ‘good democracy’ when the lesson of our human history is that we have a responsibility to LISTEN. Even to dissent.

And to stand collectively against the collectives of partisans who strip our rights away.

In 2018.

I do NOT believe, do not care if there is a god or not. But I do pray that my nation, at the very least, begins to rise against the repeat of partisan history which appears too clearly around this planet in a time critical to the survival of humanity itself.

I do pray that you, the conscientious citizen, corrects your perception that democracy is about an irrelevant vote and the use of taxes to oppress instead of leading.

I hope that this web site becomes the avenue to stop another ILLEGAL election inside Canada in 2019 and to lead my nation into leading our planet back into what real justice and democracy truly is.

I hope that this all begins before November 11, 2018.

This web page is set up on my own dime and time. I do hope to have it completed by October 11, 2018. I do, therefore, hope that you will subscribe at these pages and ponder each essay, long and short. Each one is really my eternal hope that finally citizens of our planet will awaken to the lessons to 1945.

And that we stop making every November 11th Remembrance Day the farce it has become inside Canada and too many other farcical ‘democracies’.

Generating Real Democracy: How our ‘democracies’, ‘the vote’ and our institutions of ‘justice’ have been made irrelevant by partisan entrenchment. What we need to do about it.