I will be trying to post the minimum of a blog a week at this page. Each blog may reference ‘news of the moment’ from around the world. More likely, it will select commentary received from individuals, via this site or other communications. Primarily, the blog will be used to answer questions raised by interested individuals.

This preliminary blog is spurred by a reference to a news item provided by a new ‘activist friend’ out of Alberta, Canada. This person referenced me to a news item written by Emily Chung, CBC News’ Science and Technology reporter. I tracked down the news item at: https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/scientific-integrity-1.4767227 on July 31.

In short, the news article announces ‘new legislation’. The Canadian federal government’s propaganda of the day suggests that this ‘new!’ legislation will protect federal scientists. What happened to that constitution, even the international laws that came about by events to 1945 which are to protect freedom of speech for every one of us, not just ‘federal scientists’?

The news article reports that this action by Liberal hypocrites in Ottawa is spurred by ‘facts’ which found that former Conservative Prime Minister, Stephen Harper’s regime deliberately oppressed federal scientists.

My response to the CBC may be viewed as cryptic and scathing and even as unwarranted by some. But read what I wrote first before I expand upon what I sent these ‘journalists’. I do hope to lead the ‘truly concerned citizen’ into the short ‘how’ we start to change the incipient corruption which exists everywhere. Citizens need to know that all of this manipulation by government partisans suppresses the truth in more things than just science.

And that incompetent ‘journalism’ is a major part of the problem.

My response, sent as ‘feedback’ to the CBC web site via their ‘forms’, follows immediately below. I have added revisions, additional information for clarification, in square brackets. Three days after my comments, below, were sent, silence prevails from ‘the journalist’. My next blog will reveal further why I have great contempt for most in the ‘journalistic profession’. The reasons for this begin to be revealed below:

“… I was a professional forester in Nipigon, Ontario. [I] was fired by the Conservative government in 1982. I won my job back and served under the Liberal regime and the NDP provincial factions before the return to power of [Conservative Premier] Mike Harris in 1995.

Ms. Chung joins the legions of ‘journalists’ who trot about believing that partisan lawyers and judges are a system which protects science and that it is people like [former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen] Harper (and now Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, a former drug dealer, according to media investigations during the Rob Ford fiasco) who oppress truths. NO! You people, COLLECTIVELY, are incompetent to your duty to expose public debate as to what are THE SYSTEMIC problems in our farcical ‘democracies’ which suppress AND OPPRESS the truths about more than science, to the state of making the term equality irrelevant in this day and age.

In 1982, I was fired for speaking the truth. Every day thereafter I watched the principles of freed speech oppressed in favour of the ‘freed speech’ of racism, sexism and complete incompetence to THE LAWS which compel that THE TRUTH and PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN EQUALITY be protected over all else. YOU, the supposed ‘journalists’, remain a deep, festering part of the problem because YOU run to LAWYERS to interpret THE LAW when THE LAW is for ALL OF US.

The FACT remains that partisans in our Supreme Court abide over the partisan premise that ‘governments must be allowed to make policy so that they can rule’. So, we stay silent to the FACT that these ‘judges’  [allow their partisan friends to] make ‘new rules’ which strip away the rights of even the government employee to speak the truth. [This is done] so that the partisan spin is protected. Yes, [those words in that long quote] were REAL ‘judgements’ which I received in, first, a federal ‘tax court’ in June 2002 and then inside Canadian civil courts starting in [2003], after being forced to become my own lawyer to defend my constitutional rights from partisans in all places.

YOU PEOPLE [the journalists] stay SILENT to THE FACT that there is incipient BRIBERY inside our institutions of democracy [which] has been defined as ‘political donations’ by whom? Partisan lawyers and lawyers promoted to be ‘judges’ BY THE VERY PARTISANS whom those lawyers ensure they have registered monetary allegiances with. YOU PEOPLE stay silent to THE FACT that the cops in Ontario AND ACROSS THIS NATION engage in this very game AS FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the legal terms of EQUALITY, guaranteed to us under international law, COMPLETELY disappear.

Visit my TakeBackDemocracy.ca web page, my bio there and my budding commentary WHICH WILL, by the by, include scathing indictment of YOUR ‘profession’s’ COLLECTIVE incompetence to ensuring loud and open debate about our corrupted ‘democracies’. Chung et al COMPLETELY FAIL to reference THE LAWS which PROTECT freed speech [for] EVERY individual, not just ‘federal scientists’. Government employees, EVERYWHERE, remain a bunch of cowing ‘professionals’, unwilling to risk their personal comforts to PROTECT THE TRUTH over all else. WHEN we allow this, we ALLOW the denial of every other aspect of our laws which were supposedly passed to PREVENT the recurrence of 1929, ANYWHERE inside our democratic nations.

INSTEAD, you IDIOTS, and there is no better word for COWING ‘JOURNALISTS’, run to the very partisans who mimic Hitler’s system of systemic subservience to the counsel of partisans in positioned places. SHAME ON YOUR ‘PROFESSION’! Visit http://takebackdemocracy.ca/ …”.

IF you, the supposedly concerned citizen, use this web site to educate yourself to the truth of this state of CRIMINAL bribery and breach of trust that exists inside this nation, then you will come to understand the depth of this problem. This kind of partisan influence was made ILLEGAL by international law, in written, LEGALLY BINDING promises of December 1948.

My application to the United Nations in January 2005, to have international law protected inside Canada’s courts, was rejected by a Canadian lawyer in Geneva. As I write on this web site, I exposed that the lawyer, who rejected this application to this planet’s highest court, was a donor to the very Liberal faction which I had made a primary target in that submission.

What any real citizen of democracy should become furious about was that it was positioned partisans inside our courts who repetitively oppressed my LEGAL RIGHT to a trial against their beloved partisan friends. Singular, partisan judges blocked my application to have my case(s) heard before a jury of my peers after my applications for justice began in February 2003.

The deliberate denial of accessible and impartial courts leads us back to Anne Frank’s attic of 1944. The parallels are too troubling.

I was forced to abandon my home in Nipigon, Ontario in October 2011. The state of poverty I had reached was imposed on my person by new partisan rules. The partisan judges loudly declared that these new rules were, allegedly, needed to enable the partisan to ‘rule us’. In Nipigon in 2011, ‘the new rules’ denied constitutional and international law obligations for partisans. It was for Canadian partisans no different in 2011 than it was in 1933 for Hitler’s partisans.

The state of poverty and the rules assigned by partisans for the poor, inside Canadian courts, forced me to abandon documents in Nipoigon. These included scientific papers as well as letters sent to politicians. After May 2003, the court documents and warning letters, many copied to ‘journalists’, had become extensive. I had over three filing cabinets and 10 filing boxes related to my legal battles after June 2002. Those court related documents, including my fax records, records of registered letters sent to partisan lawyers and law societies, etc., disappeared.

There was no concern, not one offer from journalists to speak to me about this situation. I do not want the notoriety but I do want principled justice and democracy upheld and protected. Instead, documents, which I had begun to accumulate even when I was a student of Forest Science in 1971, have disappeared.

Forced into the province of Saskatchewan in 2011 to try to regain basic income to survive to write about this, I faced another employment situation where sexism, racism and the sad lack of any commitment to worker safety had to be challenged. Daring to do so, I re-discovered that the very ‘boards’ of supposed ‘judicial protection of employee and human rights’ were as badly corrupted in Saskatchewan.

This happens in a province where the Liberals and Conservatives have combined to make it easier for the ‘legal professional’ to not be confused about where their donations should go if they want to move up into the cushy ‘job’ of being a ‘Saskatchewan judge’. And, maybe, just maybe, then enter the game to become a Supreme Court ‘judge’ if the right partisan friend is in power.

What should awaken the citizenry is the depth of a problem that allows former drug dealers, like Doug Ford, to breach the duty of trust of elected positions. Ford was a man who worked hard, via journalists and lawyers, to protect his declining, crack-using brother, former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Despite the FACT that Canadian law makes any elected person who uses an illegal drug or who breaks ANY law indictable under the Criminal Code, the state of corruption has become that Mr. Ford, as his brother Rob’s media manipulator, aided and abetted this breach of trust.

A criminal code forbidden abuse of elected position? How is this protected? By the plethora of partisan lawyers who say that they are the law. Even the supposedly ‘opposing’ partisan organizations WILL NOT demand protection of THE LAWS which are to protect YOU AND I from this abuse of position. Why? Because the game has been played so long that to point the finger at the partisan in power would point ‘three back a them’.

The message becomes no different than for what happened in Hitler’s era: thugs in Canada can become a province’s Premier. In a parallel to the system in 1934 Germany, where ‘cops’ were selected from registrants with the Nazi party, Toronto’s cops were big donors to both the Conservative and Liberal factions in Ontario, when it was convenient for their self-serving ideals.

The irony? I am now in a province where the Elections Saskatchewan donation records show the same ILLEGAL conduct inside this province’s policing forces. I had investigated this back in 2007 via Elections Canada donation records and some province’s election funding records. This practice from Canada’s ‘policing associations’ was incipient in the provinces which I did briefly examine: British Columbia being another one.

I sent data to the ‘journalists’. By the last provincial election in Saskatchewan, I had warned ‘journalists’ that the cops in this province do not have to waffle between donating to the conservative liberal or the liberal conservative.

Dare to complain and who is the cop who appears at your door? The friend of the partisan cop and lawyer, not the impartial upholder of the law, which the law compels.

And, how many of these journalists are under the thumb of the biggest donors to partisans in every nation? In Canada, we seem to forget that Izzy Asper was a good Liberal ‘lawyer’ in Winnipeg, Manitoba who owned some of the biggest news outlets inside Canada. We seem to forget that Asper was THE MAN who appeared in the face of a columnist inside one of his newspapers.

That columnist had dared to print a scathing indictment of then Prime Minister, and a Liberal lawyer by trade, Jean Chretien. Asper tried to censure that ‘journalist’.

Instead of being charged under international law, ‘the law’ protected Asper’s actions. Because, why? Because he had money and influence. The greater sin inside our nation is that ‘journalists’, around this world, allowed the city of Winnipeg to name a street in front of that Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, simply because rich Asper, a man of ironic Jewish roots, pushed for a memorial to ‘the Holocaust’.

‘Holocaust Anxieties’? Read my pending web page at this site. No, the jewish religion should not be targeted as the only source of our international problems. There are too many hypocrites around our world, beyond the jews of our societies. But, it is saddening to see that those who should be loudest to stand against the recurrence of 1929 inside ANY OF our institutions of governance and the denial of freed speech for any of us are the very people who do what Asper did. Asper did it inside the halls of journalism. Read this site to understand how what is done by people like this inside our halls of ‘education’ is the sickest deprivation of the lessons we saw to 1945.

Too many in our societies become venerated simply because ‘they are rich and influential because they are rich’.

We are indeed back to 1935.

You, the reader, dare to think that YOU live in a nation that is free?

An American President, Donald Trump, can publicly expose religious intolerance and target specific parts of our international population, Muslims and Mexicans. This happens because even the American Supreme Court is full of pompous partisans.

This criminality then empowers the self-motivated municipal politicians with partisan affiliations. They deliberately target and oppress dissent, in all of our nations.

In my case, by the fall of 2016, Conservative ‘Mayor’ of Nipigon, Ontario, Richard Harvey, had used partisan-filled courts to ‘legalize’ the disappearance of my vast volumes of court-related documents. Those boxes of files included evidence of this partisan involvement inside Ontario courts and policing offices. A friend in Nipigon verified that witnesses saw the ‘new owners’ of my property at 172 Greenmantle Drive ferreting materials out into the back alley to disappear to whom knows where.

This ‘new owner’, in repeat of the inhuman history to 1945, was, I was told, a town employee. Under the oversight of Conservative ‘mayor’, Richard Harvey.

Before this final expulsion of my rights to that property in September 2016, put into jeopardy by ruling Conservatives in Ontario in 2002, I had paid to put a warning brochure into 800 mail boxes in Nipigon in 2016. I could afford to do this only because I was travelling through Nipigon in May 2016, at my parents’ expense, to help my mother through the process of dying.

I had delivered this warning brochure to the citizens of the town as ‘Mayor’ Harvey began his ‘legal process’ to join partisans in Ottawa to strip my legal rights to the Nipigon property completely away. The irony becomes that it was a town employee, and only a town employee, who ‘bid’ on the right to take over my property even as I continue to be denied impartial process. Not one other ‘bid’ was received for that ‘auction’ of my property.

I had warned, in that brochure, that I would charge any citizen who took this property away. I referenced the relevant Criminal Code and international laws which had been breached by Harvey and his Conservative and Liberal friends in my case, and others.
The servant of the partisan is the sole bidder in the ‘new rules!’ made by the partisan?

A public mailing, which went to 800 people in Nipigon, Ontario led to what from the ‘protectorates of freed speech’, the journalists of this nation? Silence.

Wonder you why, citizens of this planet, why I set an independent web page up that will ask you to sponsor an independent movement to bring this international fraud against our rights to accountability, starting outside my doorstep first?

WE are in a return to 1929.

In deeper irony, I retain the property in Wolseley, Saskatchewan, from where I write, only because a friend stepped in to help me collect the evidence I need to show that this rot is national, across my nation Canada. The deepest irony is that, by September 2017, the post office in the town of Wolseley, denied my person the placement of another warning brochure, similar to the one placed in Nipigon, Ontario.

A government agency, responsible for the delivery of the freed word did what in 2017? The local post mistress went to her ‘superiors’. She quoted me ‘new rules’ which FORBID the citizens of our nation, now, from putting into mail boxes what I had in 2016. Meanwhile, I have collected how many tax-paid ‘brochures’ (yes, when partisan donors get refunds of their taxes for partisan donations they make, our taxes do indeed pay for this partisan propaganda) from the Conservative ‘Prime Minister in waiting’, Mr. Andrew Scheer? The partisan can fill our mail boxes with their propaganda but a Canadian citizen cannot pay to have their own words placed in the same mail box, because his words challenge the legality of the Canadian system?

A brochure, which warned citizens of this prairie town not to return this nation to 1929, again, was denied. As a result, I write from a place that remains under threat because of ‘orders’ from partisan-filled courts.

IF we dare to challenge the corruption, the base violation of OUR LAWS and OUR RIGHTS, it IS the CORRUPTED COURTS which are used to make the ‘new rules’ of partisans valid. Oh, the scientists of Canada and this planet, however, are no more moral than ‘the journalist’ in any of this. This is because, in my personal experience from 1982 and onward, they will cower to the ‘new rules’ so that their salaries will be protected.

But ‘journalists’?

The sins of 1945 came to be because journalism became the servant of the partisan. Dissent, even base human records of the injustice, more documents than just-lauded Anne Frank’s once-threatened diary, deliberately disappeared.

So, yes, my next blog will be a rallying cry to ‘the how’ we change this.

But the answer should already be clear to the truly concerned citizen.

The answer comes from the lessons of Gandhi, King and Mandela. One person may stand against wrong but that standing is inconsequential to the racist partisan. Until many stand, peacefully, against this partisan criminal violence against my AND YOUR rights, the corruption will remain protected by a history of partisan allegiances inside our policing stations.

Until we deal with where the law is made irrelevant, it matters not one iota who is ‘elected’ to ‘power’. Indeed, since 1948, even the laws of our nations are put into question because no one partisan organization has truly protected the truth via freed speech ANYWHERE.

It is time that we use the original laws to change all of this so that, yes, even cowardly scientists finally gain the power of our existing laws, designed to protect the truths of more than just science.

That is a truth which cowardly journalists appear reluctant to debate.

Generating Real Democracy: How our ‘democracies’, ‘the vote’ and our institutions of ‘justice’ have been made irrelevant by partisan entrenchment. What we need to do about it.